My long lost blog…

Pink Rose-001

As I brush away the cobwebs with the back of my hand & blow away the dust from my long forgotten blog, I think of how I can bring it back to life….

How do I begin to make up for all the time & precious moments that haven’t been spoken about, moments when I am so proud to be a mother. memories of new arrivals & achievements in life, long country drives, family get togethers….

So where do I begin…………………

Perhaps today is as good a place to start as any……

My Dad’s Birthday.

Dad birthday

I was up extra early, making a desert for his birthday lunch, my favourite, Lemon meringue pie with a few blackberries thrown in for good measure.


It was so delish that I had to go for a second helping!

(Guess what I’ll be making next time craft is at my place).

I’m pretty sure Dad enjoyed the benefits of having a birthday, between my efforts &  Moms Chocolate “to beat all chocolate” cake!

Dad                 Dad

Oh & then we had Aunty Thelma’s very special Orange “Balmain tigers” cake.

Too many choices for just 1 person so lucky for him he did have a few helpers.

( I think we even got to bring some left over’s home)

Family Family

It was a lovely afternoon, filled with family & CRICKET!!!!


Happy Birthday Dad, love your “favourite” daughter.

Lucky for me I am also his only daughter!

My dad

Of course it wasn’t all cake & candy,  I managed to capture something very special  in Moms Secret Garden….

Secret garden

A Dragonfly “squeal”

I’m sure he was playing with me, every time I got close he would take off, then stop & wait for me to get close before taking off again,

so I was pretty lucky to capture him at all….


He is a little bit hard to see cheeky bugger!



There we have it, My blog has been given a burst of life, up to me now to keep it alive & thriving if for no one but myself…..



See you soon x







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