Today we are setting off on an adventure, going to a place I’ve never been to before, excited and so ready to let the battery’s recharge before the year gets fully under way!

It’s been an awfully long time since I’ve spent time here, life changes, people change but this year 2018 is the year I’m totally going to back myself, push myself and become the best that I can be.

I have things to make, photos to take, weight to lose, and family to love so I have plenty of things to keep me busy. I cannot guarantee I won’t disappear again but it won’t be so long between visits.


Life’s good


I can’t believe that it’s been such a long time since I’ve taken the time to sit and write, I’ve been here a few times, reading pages, smiling foolishly to myself , oohing and aaahing, promising to myself and anyone who will listen, I must get that blog of mine back into action!

So much had been happening, way too much to talk about in one post, children have grown, gone to uni,started their final year at school, grandchildren have been born, we now have a butcher in the family, my beading has somewhat fallen by the way but now and again I get an urge to make something creative, and of course I’m still chasing bees!
I’ve cried tears of joy and tears of sadness,
I’ve had massive proud mumma moments, a new pooch named Charlee and of I course I turned 50!

I have found myself a little niche in life, besides being a mother and a wife, a job that I refer to as my happy place. ( I actually crawl out of bed at 5.30 am some mornings with a smile, knowing I’m going to this place)

I do beleive I have found the best job in the world, Yes, the world!

I get dressed up as an 1850’s housewife, pretend I have walked from the rocks in Sydney with 12 children by my side to find my husband who’s been working hard looking for gold so that he can give his family a better life, I’ve built a house using wattle & daub, then the best bit, I help the children to cook damper over a fire, and then drizzle golden syrup into the centre ” I remember when I first started I couldn’t even light a fire, now it’s like I’m a pro.
Some days I get to work with a friend I consider my soul sister, Tania aka Miss Molly, as we make our way across the goldfields in the quiet of the morning it really feels like we are in another world .
We are the sisters of the goldfields, but of course she is the slightly nutty one!

There’s nothing sweeter when a child looks into your eyes and ask, “do you really live here miss Sarah? ” Miss Sarah is my goldfield name, seem much more appropriate that Tracey.

Today a little girl told me that she really liked my outfit ! Fist pump

I also love those looks I get when a child just stares at me intently trying to calculate exactly how old I must be! That would be well over 150yrs old they say, I tell them it’s the fresh country air.

Soon I’m going on a journey/ adventure with my mom. We are heading to broken hill during the holidays, a journey where I get to visit a place that is a big part of my moms growing up, guess that’s part of the reason I wanted to start this blog back up was so I can share the journey, plus with all my children moving away and leaving their dear old mom home alone, I figure it’s time for them to see what their crazy old ma gets up too.

Looking forward to seeing where the future takes me.


Its the weekend………

Who doesn’t love a Friday?

Friday is the day before Saturday, when everyone is home & the house isn’t so quiet!

Its the day my hubby finishes early so that we can have lunch together & do the rounds of the op shops before the kids get home.

Friday is the day I try to prepare for the weekend ahead, with my little list of plans.


This Saturday is the start of the cricket finals, & once again my son Dan’s team have made it to the grandfinal & if they happen to win then this will be their 5th year in a row.

Good luck boys, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course I will have to uncross them as I do a bit of crafting while cheering you guys on ! 

                                              Hollyhocks& butterflys

I have started yet another stitchery, Hollyhocks & butterfly’s..                           

I’m thinking a journal cover but we will see how it pans out!

Over the weekend I also plan to feed my beading mojo with this combination of greens & mauve’s

                                  New project

The cab (which I purchase via Facebook!/ & the matching seed beads (Spotlight) have been waiting for me to get my act together,  being ever so patient, but last weekend at a garage sale  I found a necklace with the prettiest mauve beads that I thought would match perfectly so it has inspired me to make a start…

Looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Sunday I have plan to spend an hour or two in the garden, “squeal’!

                               My Garden

Its so nice to be able to say my garden & really mean it, not a patch of horrible weeds any more, I am really proud of how it is looking & Sunday Its time to plant my sweet peas seeds.

                              sweet peas


The last time I attempted to grow sweet peas was a few years back, & even though they did grow they sadly frizzled to death on the metal windmill that I used as a climber for them, between that & the heat they didn’t stand a chance.

This time however  I feel prepared, I have my packet of seeds & while we have been out walking I collected some sticks to make a trellis so that the sweet peas can grow along quite safely without being fried to death & I’m hoping that the old wheelbarrow will make the perfect planter.



Reflecting back on this blog it seems to be all about something to do with flowers so I’ll continue on……

A few months back I sold a bracelet to a lovely lady in QLD. She really liked it & sent me an email to ask if I would share with her how I made the main fabric bead, at first I was a bit unsure but the more I thought about it I really couldn’t see a reason not too.

As a way of thanking me Rosie said that she would to send me some metal flowers that she enamels at home in her little shed, that belongs to her cat…I was gobsmacked when earlier this week I received my parcel……


I swear it took me nearly an hour to unwrap each each little component, that had each been individually wrapped, each piece making me oooohh & ahhhhhh!Rosie’s generosity totally amazed me, makes me want to be a better person!

Rosie’s flower wasn’t the only thing that made me oooh & ahhhhh this week, My mom gave me something precious of hers to keep, something I had admired on occasion & something I will treasure always, I love it so much, thankyou Mom.                                 

                               Moms ring

Sometimes I do believe I am very spoilt !!!!!!!!!


There is one other little job that needs to be done this weekend, If I can face it…………….


But on second thoughts……….blagh!


Enjoy your weekend

Be Safe




Ps Did I mention Spoons last blog?


Happy to report they are on their way to My cousin Jody’s shop, Flowers on the coast. 

And I did finish that very special Bunting 🙂





Just a little something I made

Perhaps the title of today’s post should have read Just a little something I made & what I am currently finishing off/and or starting!

I have so many projects on the go at the moment, no wonder my head hurts, there are days when I cant even keep up with me!

So we may as well  start at the front room of the house,

The beading room aka computer room aka photo studio aka visitors sleeping room & entrance to the rest of the house..


This is where through the day & most of my nights, my creative juices flow, that is of course when I’m not “hanging” out in the “craft” flat!!

This room is most affectionally known as Mom’s beading room (for future reference).

Yesterday I finished off a few necklaces but I also finished off a wire pendant that I had made ages ago.

I am quite bad for beginning something then moving on to something else before actually finishing the last, I get so easily distracted not unlike a child with HDD!

Yesterday, the rediscovered pendant “spoke” to me, Yes it did, most beads tend to speak to me,

Crazee?  Hell yeah!!

Tree of life

My Tree of Life…

Its such a cool feeling to finish & be happy with the result!

Also on the bead table is a necklace that yesterday I hastily put together &  I couldn’t resist this “believe” connector that I discovered while making a mad dash to spotlight the other day, this one is going to be mine & it going to be a bracelet, one day soon I plan, if I don’t forget that I even bought it!


IMG_6359 IMG_6346

Or course I do have a draw full of Ideas, all in little plastic bags just waiting for their time to shine but these 2 are my most current thoughts!

Lets move onto the next room, The lounge room! Which is exactly what we do in it, lounge about watching TV & pondering on what needs to be done, but I am usually distracted by the contents of the basket that sits next to my chair!


This usually contains a few things that can be worked on when my favourite shows are on, like American Pickers & Hoarders!!

In the basket this week we have a Bunting that I promised to make my daughter Shannon way back before Xmas, I just need to sew the binding on then I shall have closure, there are also some Owls in there that I’m thinking about pulling the stuffing out & replacing it with Rice so they can  become doorstop Owl’s.

Did I say thinking?? Oh good just wanted to clarify that point!

And we have an Owl embroidery, I started this awhile back & thought this would be the perfect project to work on whilst watching Dan play cricket, every Saturday (Ok so I do watch when he’s batting or Bowling, I’m a good mother like that), BUT, yep there’s usually a but, I just wasn’t happy with the way it was evolving so after trying to unpick the embroidery stitches that I had already made,


I decided the best course of action would be to scrap it & start all over again, so in the meantime I decided that perhaps I could work on yet another UFO that just happen to be floating around, for last Saturday game!


I can tell I’m going to love Saturday morning more than I already do, & maybe I can finish a few of these projects!

Now moving from the lounge room through the kitchen stopping briefly for Tea & toast!


This is the only thing being created in there until later in the day when I create Sausages & Mash for dinner! Oh the kids will be happy, NOT!

In the backroom sits “The Quilt” insert dramatic music! Quick, sneak past so it doesn’t see me,  I will finish this …… day!


Now lets venture outside of the house, to the back veranda,


This is my Birdhouse that my Dad built for me, the dream is to cover with broken plates, which have been supplied by my Mom who brought them back with her when she made a trip back to her childhood home of Broken Hill.

I see it in my garden, on a cool branch I found while on one of my daily walks with a pretty flowering vine growing around it & pretty little blue birds making it their home, sigh, It looks so pretty in my mind!

Finally bought  glue last week so the only thing stopping me is, that it’s been way too hot to sit out there & work, as you can see by the state of the candles!


The “craft” Flat..

A place where one hides when cricket is on TV, a place when one can lose oneself on what ever sewing project takes a girls fancy, and this week

Its another Bunting, as requested by two lovely sisters.


This I plan to have finished by the end of the week!

Id venture  into the shed but I’m only allowed in by appointment!


Wow, cant believe it nearly lunch time already, the day really does disappears when your not looking!

This afternoon my plan is too to finish off another project I started.


Its nearly finished, just needs a button.



Enjoy the rest of your day

Take Care




Ps: Did mention spoons??


My long lost blog…

Pink Rose-001

As I brush away the cobwebs with the back of my hand & blow away the dust from my long forgotten blog, I think of how I can bring it back to life….

How do I begin to make up for all the time & precious moments that haven’t been spoken about, moments when I am so proud to be a mother. memories of new arrivals & achievements in life, long country drives, family get togethers….

So where do I begin…………………

Perhaps today is as good a place to start as any……

My Dad’s Birthday.

Dad birthday

I was up extra early, making a desert for his birthday lunch, my favourite, Lemon meringue pie with a few blackberries thrown in for good measure.


It was so delish that I had to go for a second helping!

(Guess what I’ll be making next time craft is at my place).

I’m pretty sure Dad enjoyed the benefits of having a birthday, between my efforts &  Moms Chocolate “to beat all chocolate” cake!

Dad                 Dad

Oh & then we had Aunty Thelma’s very special Orange “Balmain tigers” cake.

Too many choices for just 1 person so lucky for him he did have a few helpers.

( I think we even got to bring some left over’s home)

Family Family

It was a lovely afternoon, filled with family & CRICKET!!!!


Happy Birthday Dad, love your “favourite” daughter.

Lucky for me I am also his only daughter!

My dad

Of course it wasn’t all cake & candy,  I managed to capture something very special  in Moms Secret Garden….

Secret garden

A Dragonfly “squeal”

I’m sure he was playing with me, every time I got close he would take off, then stop & wait for me to get close before taking off again,

so I was pretty lucky to capture him at all….


He is a little bit hard to see cheeky bugger!



There we have it, My blog has been given a burst of life, up to me now to keep it alive & thriving if for no one but myself…..



See you soon x






He has arrived


My DIL Simone started her labour yesterday & after a restless night & another day much of the same, 

I am happy to report the much anticipated arrival of Master Nate into the world.


Another little being for us to love & watch grow…

Both Mother & Son are doing well.



Stay safe




About 5hrs drive from me there is a little baby about to be born into our family.

His mom, as I type, is pacing the floors trying to interact the pains of labour with the thought that soon she will have another little bundle to Love.

This little bundle is about to become a very special part of all our lives.

A son ,brother, cousin, nephew, grandson & a great-grandson.

We can’t wait to meet this little man…



Stay Safe