Its the weekend………

Who doesn’t love a Friday?

Friday is the day before Saturday, when everyone is home & the house isn’t so quiet!

Its the day my hubby finishes early so that we can have lunch together & do the rounds of the op shops before the kids get home.

Friday is the day I try to prepare for the weekend ahead, with my little list of plans.


This Saturday is the start of the cricket finals, & once again my son Dan’s team have made it to the grandfinal & if they happen to win then this will be their 5th year in a row.

Good luck boys, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course I will have to uncross them as I do a bit of crafting while cheering you guys on ! 

                                              Hollyhocks& butterflys

I have started yet another stitchery, Hollyhocks & butterfly’s..                           

I’m thinking a journal cover but we will see how it pans out!

Over the weekend I also plan to feed my beading mojo with this combination of greens & mauve’s

                                  New project

The cab (which I purchase via Facebook!/ & the matching seed beads (Spotlight) have been waiting for me to get my act together,  being ever so patient, but last weekend at a garage sale  I found a necklace with the prettiest mauve beads that I thought would match perfectly so it has inspired me to make a start…

Looking forward to seeing how it evolves.

Sunday I have plan to spend an hour or two in the garden, “squeal’!

                               My Garden

Its so nice to be able to say my garden & really mean it, not a patch of horrible weeds any more, I am really proud of how it is looking & Sunday Its time to plant my sweet peas seeds.

                              sweet peas


The last time I attempted to grow sweet peas was a few years back, & even though they did grow they sadly frizzled to death on the metal windmill that I used as a climber for them, between that & the heat they didn’t stand a chance.

This time however  I feel prepared, I have my packet of seeds & while we have been out walking I collected some sticks to make a trellis so that the sweet peas can grow along quite safely without being fried to death & I’m hoping that the old wheelbarrow will make the perfect planter.



Reflecting back on this blog it seems to be all about something to do with flowers so I’ll continue on……

A few months back I sold a bracelet to a lovely lady in QLD. She really liked it & sent me an email to ask if I would share with her how I made the main fabric bead, at first I was a bit unsure but the more I thought about it I really couldn’t see a reason not too.

As a way of thanking me Rosie said that she would to send me some metal flowers that she enamels at home in her little shed, that belongs to her cat…I was gobsmacked when earlier this week I received my parcel……


I swear it took me nearly an hour to unwrap each each little component, that had each been individually wrapped, each piece making me oooohh & ahhhhhh!Rosie’s generosity totally amazed me, makes me want to be a better person!

Rosie’s flower wasn’t the only thing that made me oooh & ahhhhh this week, My mom gave me something precious of hers to keep, something I had admired on occasion & something I will treasure always, I love it so much, thankyou Mom.                                 

                               Moms ring

Sometimes I do believe I am very spoilt !!!!!!!!!


There is one other little job that needs to be done this weekend, If I can face it…………….


But on second thoughts……….blagh!


Enjoy your weekend

Be Safe




Ps Did I mention Spoons last blog?


Happy to report they are on their way to My cousin Jody’s shop, Flowers on the coast. 

And I did finish that very special Bunting 🙂






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