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Special visitors


Some Monday’s can be a real bore, everyone back to school & work, the house screaming for some attention that you really cant be bothered to do. Thankfully today was different, I had visitors.

My 1st visitor came bearing a surprise, something she knew I was sure to love, a real awwww moment and indeed it was..


My friend Kerrie brought to show me the cutest bundle of cuteness, that wasn’t a grandchild.

A beautiful ball of white fur, a little baby, not very old at all.

Kerrie thinks that the little rabbit  may have snuck out of its warm cosy burrow to find an adventure.

Lucky, that’s the name of the little rabbit, because it turns out he was very lucky as Kerrie’s cat had found him and brought him to the house.

Kerrie knew that I would be over the moon to take some photo’s of this little bundle of cuteness so it was time for a photo shoot for the little white Rabbit named Lucky!

Little white Rabbit IMG_6212IMG_6074 

I took so many photos that I lost count but I thought Id try to add a photo to my FB page each day until Easter Sunday.

He was so sweet, I think I could have gladly have kept him, if my hubby would let me.

My other visitor today was a young girl who I have known since she was just a little thing going to Pre-school with my daughter Shannon.

Miss Laura had come today for some advice on starting a quilt.

Armed with her material and a pkt of Delicious chocolate Hot cross buns we decided that a cup of tea was in order first.

Then it was time to begin Laura’s journey into the world of quilts. 

First we cut our squares:

IMG_6379 IMG_6388

Then we sewed:

IMG_6395 IMG_6397

The we smiled, because Laura had made her very first quilt block!!

 IMG_6406 IMG_6408

Laura is off to see her grandmother in England in September, & is planning to stay for a year, a whole year, how exciting.  I’m assuming that by the time she gets back she will be a dab hand at quilting, I am also hoping she will start a blog so that we can share with her her adventure’s that I am sure she will have.

Anyhow after showing Laura my little Garden and all the current projects I have on the go and my messy craft flat, that desperately needs tidying again, I gave her some very important advise…….finish this project before starting another, somehow I think I may have been talking to myself!!

So I am thinking Laura went home to find a space  so she can continue making the rest of her blocks before taking the next step. ( Actually I know she did as I have just spotted some photos on FB of the blocks she has made at home, well done!!)


That’s about it for me, it time for bed!!!



I love days that wear you out..



Stay Safe




Tick tock………..

Well its way past my bed time but as i was flitting through blogland , as i do, on occassion,  i visited my friend  Teakai’s blog, Rumpled  http://teakai.wordpress.com/

And i was reminded about of  a  “challenge ” that we had spoke of at the begining of the holidays, well i hadn’t “really”   forgotten about it  and I had my thoughts of what design i would use   but i  made it up  using 2 different coloured  sides,

 On One side I used Erinite( a green coloured crystal)  and on  the other a  Silver shadow crystal,

I couldnt decide which side i liked the best,

 personally i really  love the colour of  Erinite and  am at present making a necklace “with a crochet flower”  using that colour,

 but thats for another day,   back to the watch,

after seeing Teakai’s  beauty i had to make a decision,

and even though i had asked several family members over the course of the holidays  “which colour? 

no one could agree, They were very much torn,

so a  decision was made tonight about 1/2 hr ago……….

Taa Daa…………………..

silver shadow watch

Silver Shadow won……………………………..

I love the style of the watch, so old and vintage,  and they was such a bargain, only $3.00 for the watch Face, the beads cost more than that.

And i love Teakia’s version very much……

Well, just quickly before i slink into to bed,

School begins again tomorrow but i am looking at it  with the view that its only a school term and  then i will be off to visit some of my most Favourite people in the whole wide  world………

The weather here has really taken a nasty turn, we even have the heater on, and though my hubbie got the heater all ready the  other day,  i was so determined that it would not be turned on,

 To me that felt like I was giving in to the cold,and once you do that then you know there is no turning back………..

Alas i have given in…………..

And its not even Winter yet!!!!!!

I have been very busy crocheting and i am so close to finishing a cushion cover ( i hope to finish within the next day or two , unless i am distracted , which is  quite likely on the cards)   i am so loving  crocheting  And i have also  discovered Crochet flowers,  thanks to a book my mom gve me years ago and this blog attic 24  http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/crochet-flowers-and-leaves.html, thank you so much.

Anyhow , i think its time for me to say goodnight, after all its back to the early starts and school days…..and cold mornings brrrrrr


The last of  my Dahlia’s……….


Stay Safe


Easily distracted………..

The smell coming from the Kitchen is absolutely yummy………..

Roast Chicken and Veggies baked in Olive oil and Herbs…………………yum.

I have spent nearly an entire afternoon working on a ring that My boss bought as a kit, (Thats does not include the past few days that i have “toyed with it)” . It has been very frustrating and I could not  get it to work, but I’m not one to give up so i kept on trying and trying and at last i have succeeded……………

The Ring:


Quite cool now its finished, pity i have to give it back to my boss, But now i have  learnt a new technique and i can whip up another one, well actually i think a pair of earring’s would lo0k nice, even Hubbie was impressed (without any Pressure) And i even know where i was making the mistake, way back at the 2nd row,  gee it feels great to not just get it right but to understand it as well….

mmmmmmmm that baked Dinner is smelling might fine………………


Be Safe