About 5hrs drive from me there is a little baby about to be born into our family.

His mom, as I type, is pacing the floors trying to interact the pains of labour with the thought that soon she will have another little bundle to Love.

This little bundle is about to become a very special part of all our lives.

A son ,brother, cousin, nephew, grandson & a great-grandson.

We can’t wait to meet this little man…



Stay Safe




Knock, knock, Anybody home ?


door Helloooo,

Just give me a sec while I clear away the cob webs that seem to have encased themselves around my blog….

It really does feel like a lifetime ago since I was last here.

All those moments I had stored up in my mind to share, sadly replaced one by one by newer moments,

So today seems like a good place to start..

Tuesday on this 29th day of June.

Its cold,  and winter has really settled in for a long visit, we even had snow around the area last week.

snow covered hills

Thankfully all is pretty good in my little corner of the world…(beside a few winter sniffles)

I’ve made the local newspaper.., after winning a competition run via http://www.beadingforum.com.au/ . Design quest.


To be honest, I’m still in disbelief ……..but it’s nice to know that someone besides myself thinks that my necklace didn’t “scrub up” too bad :).

I also was fortunate enough to be quick ( you have to be quick because everybody wants to participate in this challenge)  enough to get my name down at http://www.blissfulgardenbeads.com for a bracelet challenge using her pretty beads..

Blissful Beads

BlissfulBead Bracelet

And I’ve already a couple of request to buy it.

Craft wise I have quite a few “bits & bob’s” on the go, as always..

But, Yay!,  I finally managed to finish knitting the socks that I started last year,


Just in time to keep the princess’s feet warm.

Mr Wonderful is working hard as usual & has started a building  a new Kitchen sink…


He’s on a little mission to try and spend as little as possible by using recycled material’s, starting with the sink that cost a measly $5.00 from the Junction.

Kids are doing well and tomorrow I am off to the high school to sit amongst the other parents wearing my best ‘Cheshire cat smile’ & applaud as loud as I can as as Shannon and Dan both receive Merit awards….

Holidays start at the end of this week, so that means Lazy day’s and catching up on some UFO’s (which are starting to build up quite quickly).

I have a new “Boss” now at the beading shop.


Gail has already etched her way into my heart and she is such an inspiration to me.  She is  proof  that even through adversity one can still rise above it all  and be truly a good person, also Gail has been deaf since she was 2, but hasn’t let that stop her from doing anything she wanted to.


Her new adventure “GEMS on Keppel” thankfully has included me & I am so happy to be a part of her journey. I think there will be fun times ahead.

Thankfully everyone is well, besides the normal winter sniffles.

I just need to mention the fantastic Lemonade that my Mom makes……….

empty bottle 

And bring to your attention Mom that the bottle is empty !

Been given 2 thumbs up by Dan.

My last post mentioned that my son & his family was coming to stay,  this post I am expecting my eldest daughter Cindy & family, on Saturday , Yay, and last weekend we made the trip to See my Grandson Kurt get his New belt in Karate.


I love visit’s.


Ok so this is not getting the kitchen cleaned or the clothes hung out or the floors swept, and I have promised Mr wonderful to have a plate of Jam drops waiting for him when he gets home from work…


Been good catching up.




stay safe






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Batten down the hatches…


I’ve been told there’s a “Mini cyclone” heading our way and it should touch down about lunch time tomorrow.

I’ve been warned to prepare, But can one ever be prepared?

Especially when its something your really looking forward too,


How could this dear, sweet, adorable little man be a “mini Cyclone”, I just refuse to believe anything that looks that sweet could be trouble, Surely not, but I am prepared to take the risk to find out.

My son and his family , are coming to spend Easter with me.

I’m so excited…….

I’m loving the idea of having an Easter egg hunt with the boys in the morning, and then a proper Easter Lunch.

“Mmmm I’m thinking Baked chicken and cheesecake for desert.”


The bead desk has been made as child proof as can be….

The Easter bunny has dropped off his supply of little eggs for the hunt.

And Low and behold, I even got the duster out today and Dusted!!


All crafting adventure’s will be put on hold, at least those that involve beads that could become a temptation for sweet little finger’s, at least for a few days..

Perhaps it just might be a good time  to pull out the knitting needles & begin working on the mate to this poor lonely sock that I finished at the end of last winter.


Geez, hope I can remember how I managed to knit this one…..

Or  there’s that quilt I need to finish, a little bit of hand sewing might just be in order (https://beadywitch.files.wordpress.com/2010/10/img_4322.jpg) but guess who couldn’t help themselves when she  put up her  hand up at a recent craft get together and said  “Yay” to starting yet another quilt.


This one  I figure will teach me how to cut and lay out the blocks, so It will be a learning quilt, and I do love a challenge,  perhaps I might just get to use up some of that material I have been storing for a rainy day!



Kind of like being frugal, well thats what I keep telling myself.

I have already started with the  completion of my first 2 blocks, It was decided that we would use the Easter break to get them both  done, but I had a hankering to get mine done earlier this week.

So  begins another adventure.

Block Number 1:  Sarah’s choice


Sarahs choice

Block Number 2:  Memory


memory block

Eventually we will have 9 blocks in total………Easy peasy.

Oh and I’ve fallen in Love with Macramé….


Who would have thought it…..


Feels like our Sunny Autumn days are all but numbered here,  seems to get cooler with each passing day, guess it wont be too much longer before I’ll be moaning about how cold it is.

I have had some changes to my work place, the shop was sold & so I now have a new boss, I must admit I was a little bit wary of what would happen to me but it turns out that things may just be Ok. The new owner is a lovely lady who has great plan’s to turn the shop into a place of comfort/friendship and learning and wants me to be a big part of that, so I’m feeling pretty good and excited about what the future holds……


Time for me to go and double check that everything is in order for my visitors tomorrow,

Hope everyone’s Easter is filled with all things good and Yummy….

And to those family members that won’t be with me this Easter…….

I’m loving & missing you all in one xox

Easter Rabbit

stay safe

Feels like a buzzy good time to catch up


Each and everyday I say to myself, today I will  blog….

I then turn the lap top on,

I’ll just check my emails, 

Face book, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Joy, when i discover something new and interesting that I really need to try.


Blog moment has passed yet again….

But it seems I have surpassed all obstacles to stop on by for an Update of sorts.


Great sporting moment

Daniel team win the cricket final Yet again, 3rd year running………

And what began as a cold foggy morning,

foggy cricket 

Turned into a picture perfect day.


Dan got scored himself a wicket.


                                 Congratulations boy’s for a job well done..

cricket team 2011 

Miss Shannon’s Dance Troupe at tried out at school for the school Dance spectacular….

“Keep your fingers crossed for them”.

Might mean a trip to the big city for us, and another Adventure.



We had a little day trip a few weeks back to a little gold mining town not far from where we Live..

On this particular day the town was having a re enactment of the Revolt of the Gold Miners against the Law establishment.




Sometime the old and New co exists……….at least for a day.

gold miners for a day

  Of course we had to purchase our Gold License to be able to wander the street’s.



Then we joined in on  the re-enactment of the Goldminer’s Miner’s  revolt.


Mr wonderful                                               

                              Of course Mr Wonderful watched at a safe distance.


goody Jars 

And what I couldn’t do with these 2 old jar’s filled with old broken plates & keys, that I discovered at the Old Sofala Gaol.

Well worth a look.

Only disappointing part of the day was that I had pulled the battery out of my “Good” camera and had forgotten to put it back in before we left. I did have plans capture some old cemetery shots but my “Bag” camera  went flat……….

Can you imagine me without my camera…….  Torture!.

On the bright side we plan to go another day, Camera & Battery intact.




crochet Balls

I may be addicted to……..


Rustic Romance 

Oragami ButterflyOragami

To just about anything……745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small


Some very important people in my life played their first game of Tag…


Jake and Kiera

                                 “Wish Grandma had been there to watch”.



                                              And what was in that box???


Some very “Green inspired” Jewellery..

woven seed bead earrings








stay safe 





A small thankyou gift….box


I decided that today Id like to share with you a tutorial on how to make a little Gift box.

Gift Box

And it just so happens that tomorrow is my friend Jennifer’s Birthday lunch, and I need a little box to put her gift in , so I thought that this might a perfect time to share with you a cool little crafty idea and show you how to make a gift box using a Card………

Step 1: Gathering supplies



We will need a card “Duh”, pencil & ruler, scissors and double side sticky tape.

“I purchased my little card from Dave’s discounts a local discount store and I picked a card with no wording inside. Mind you a card with a little verse inside would be nice as well, this would also be a perfect way to use some of those birthday/ xmas  cards we can’t seem to throw away.”

Step 2:  The cutting


Gift Box

We need to cut our card in half, so we have a top and a bottom. On our bottom piece “which would have been our back” we need to take a smidge off the top & side, 1/8 inch will do nicely….

Gift Box

We only do this to the bottom piece so that the top will fit snugly .

Kinda like two peas in pod.

Step 3:  The measuring, cutting and folding.

Using our pencil and ruler, I measured  & marked a  3/4 inch line  on all edges of both pieces.

Gift Box

Then I ran my scissors (without cutting) down each line, that scores the lines and make’s it easier to fold .

Now on the short edge we make our cuts. Use photo as a cutting guide.

Gift Box

In all you should only have 4 cuts on each piece. After cutting our corner’s we then fold along our lines..

                                               Excited yet………I know I was!


Step 4:  The finishing touches.

I then need to cut a little piece of double sided sticky for the 4 corners on each .

Gift Box

Gift Box


At this point, the box should come together very nicely.


Gift box

Gift Box

gift box

Step 5: Place the special gift inside.

gift box gift Box


I can’t show you what’s inside just yet, I don’t want to spoil the surprise…..

But I promise I’ll share on my next visit. 745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small

And  before I disappear, remember my cute as a button bead from my last post……….

cute as a button

Well It’s now a ring…

Blissful ring

Go & check out what everyone else did with their beautiful little bead’s…





stay safe








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Flowering delight’s


Another week bites the dust,

I guess it will be Christmas again before we know it,

Note to myself , perhaps I should start the Christmas  shopping now before the rush.

Nah, can’t be bothered , after all there’s 302 days to go….

Flowering delights…….

It all began on Monday, when the crafties got to together to errrr, Eat, craft.

My initial plan was to work on an embroidery I had started days, month’s ok, perhaps years ago….crinolean lady

But I had a yearning to make some more silk flowers……

Like this one https://beadywitch.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/saturnflower.jpg

So into my sturdy basket (which i found out wasn’t quite as sturdy as I thought, when the bottom started to come apart)I packed all my bits and pieces to make “flowers”, & the above embroidery just in case……….

cake and craft

See that sweet little pink flower “hiding” behind that very scrumptious cake “made By Jennifer” , It is there , behind the ice cream,  that’s what i made at craft, and that was to be the beginning of  my week of ice-cream Flower obsession….

Flowers took over my thoughts…………


I even dreamt about making Roses…..

fabric roses

I’m addicted, & I’ve even discovered a site that shows you how to make Paper roses..

I can see music sheet rose earring’s….

Oooohhhhhhh  I need more days in my week better still a weekend when I don’t have to leave the house.

& imagine my glee when the postman delivered a package containing the cutest little bead…..

lampwork bead

As cute as a Button….

This very special flower  bead has come by way of Heather


On her blog she had a little challenge about making a ring using one of her tiny handmade bead. 

I couldn’t type my name down quick enough,

I am totally in awe of her & her beads, she is just so gifted & I can’t help but fall in love with each and every bead she makes..

I WANT NEED them all….

Take a look I dare you not to drool!

Anyhow back to my very precious bead, it is destined to be turned into a ring that I will wear with pride, time permitting this weekend.

My own little piece of Bliss.

Oh and speaking of ring’s, I made a couple through the week,

Green flower



Yep…flower rings..

And this one I love…

 Flowering ring

back view

Can’t guess I love flowers! & Dragonfly’s & Beads.

As for the up & coming weekend,  I have a very special Hens party to attend, where I shall be “helping” a group of 16 ladies make a special beaded necklace.

I think it will be fun, “think” as in HOPE.

In my last post “Gone fishing” I held a giveaway.

Well yesterday it was posted it on its way to Kim…


Hope she like’s it as much as I did…..

Ok, now I’m off to plan the next  flowering escapade……….




stay safe







Sending Love, thoughts and prayers  to all those affected by the Christchurch Earthquake in Nz…..xox


Gone fishing…………..


Gone fishing……….

Gone fishing

Well not really me, I find fishing rather boring, unless of course I have a nice comfy spot under a shady tree & a good book to keep me occupied, plenty of ice cold drink and the very much needed aero guard, oh and my trusty camera, of course.

Nah!  I think I’ll leave the fishing to the Boys…….

Life has pretty much been “full steam Ahead”.for us all.

We, including Mr Wonderful made our trip to the country to see the Loved ones.


                                    Someone was needed to take the photo.

                               We celebrated  Master Mason very 1st Birthday..

Birthday Boy

                                       And witness the very first hair cut,


Then on our return we had a very special visit from Master Kurt who stayed for a whole week, without Mom….

swing high 

Then before we knew it the holidays were done and dusted, my little visitor had gone home and  it was time for Mr Wonderful to go back to work & the kids to return to school for 2011.


If you check out this post you can see how much Dan has become slightly taller than his sister.

We’ve also had some momentous steps along the way, such as someone’s boyfriend getting his license.              




And our Princess Shannon who from this day forth shall  be known as Princess Chicken, got a Job  at a local Chicken takeaway …..

He he he

This is the girl who swore she would never work at KfC or McDonalds.

Red Rooster 

Perhaps maybe now I can retrieve some of my makeup……….

Last weekend the loved country ones came to us for a flying visit, it was so nice to have them all here, minus a couple of little people, like Miss Kiera who decided it was too far to come to see Grandma, sob sob!

I Miss them soooo much and I agree Miss Kiera it is too far away.

Ok so I think I am pretty much caught up with what’s been happening in my little world, as you can see all’s good.

Craft wise I’ve been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, mostly to do with beads but I’ve been  yearning to start  a Hexagon quilt, of course that’s just in the thinking about it stage.

bits and bobs

And I’ve also had a little milestone of my own,

I started a Fan page on Facebook,

aka Beadywitch Dezigns


and the other day I received my 100th fan, quite chuffed really and to celebrate

I have a very special Bookmark to give away.

Bookmark give away 745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small

Exhale……………..I am back.


Oh and the fishermen did happen to snaggle themselves a fish or two.


And I caught a Bee…..

 The bee and the weed



stay safe