Special visitors


Some Monday’s can be a real bore, everyone back to school & work, the house screaming for some attention that you really cant be bothered to do. Thankfully today was different, I had visitors.

My 1st visitor came bearing a surprise, something she knew I was sure to love, a real awwww moment and indeed it was..


My friend Kerrie brought to show me the cutest bundle of cuteness, that wasn’t a grandchild.

A beautiful ball of white fur, a little baby, not very old at all.

Kerrie thinks that the little rabbit  may have snuck out of its warm cosy burrow to find an adventure.

Lucky, that’s the name of the little rabbit, because it turns out he was very lucky as Kerrie’s cat had found him and brought him to the house.

Kerrie knew that I would be over the moon to take some photo’s of this little bundle of cuteness so it was time for a photo shoot for the little white Rabbit named Lucky!

Little white Rabbit IMG_6212IMG_6074 

I took so many photos that I lost count but I thought Id try to add a photo to my FB page each day until Easter Sunday.

He was so sweet, I think I could have gladly have kept him, if my hubby would let me.

My other visitor today was a young girl who I have known since she was just a little thing going to Pre-school with my daughter Shannon.

Miss Laura had come today for some advice on starting a quilt.

Armed with her material and a pkt of Delicious chocolate Hot cross buns we decided that a cup of tea was in order first.

Then it was time to begin Laura’s journey into the world of quilts. 

First we cut our squares:

IMG_6379 IMG_6388

Then we sewed:

IMG_6395 IMG_6397

The we smiled, because Laura had made her very first quilt block!!

 IMG_6406 IMG_6408

Laura is off to see her grandmother in England in September, & is planning to stay for a year, a whole year, how exciting.  I’m assuming that by the time she gets back she will be a dab hand at quilting, I am also hoping she will start a blog so that we can share with her her adventure’s that I am sure she will have.

Anyhow after showing Laura my little Garden and all the current projects I have on the go and my messy craft flat, that desperately needs tidying again, I gave her some very important advise…….finish this project before starting another, somehow I think I may have been talking to myself!!

So I am thinking Laura went home to find a space  so she can continue making the rest of her blocks before taking the next step. ( Actually I know she did as I have just spotted some photos on FB of the blocks she has made at home, well done!!)


That’s about it for me, it time for bed!!!



I love days that wear you out..



Stay Safe




My little visitor ….



Last week I had a very special visitor, Master Kurt, my second oldest grandson came to spend the night with his grandma, Me.

I hadn’t seen Kurt for such a long time and I was so amazed at how much that little man had grown up,  we didn’t have a great deal of time to catch up with so I wanted to make what time we did have memorable.

We went to the Movies, his pick.

At the movie's


He chose “The last of the Air Bender’s”, and even though I was a but dubious, I did actually enjoy the movie. Good one for the kids in the holidays.

The Last Airbender Poster

After the movie we made a quick stop in search for the perfect material to make a Bunting  for My bedroom……….

material shop

Not once was there a complaint and he even helped me look for some material. 

After not finding what I was looking for it was off home to wait for Grand pop and Uncle Dan to come home………..

And to have a play with Iron man, a late xmas gift from Omar and Opah.

iron man returnsLook Behind you

“Look behind You Kurt Miester”…………….


This is not the first Iron Man visitor we’ve had the pleasure to play with……..

Iron man was here  about this time last year amusing Kurt’s Dad. (Sadly Kurt doesn’t live with his dad, but Kurt’s mom has always let us be a part of his life.)

So its Kind of cool for me to have memories of them both enjoying Iron man, two different worlds somehow connecting.

Back to my little visitor now…

After having a game with aunt Gert….


Grandpop and Uncle Dan came home……

grandpop's home

And of course grand pop couldn’t resist, after all he is just a little boy at heart..

And then surprise surprise it wasn’t  Uncle Dans wii skills that Kurt wanted to play with, it was the Lego……

leggo mana

That made a really nice change,

I can’t remember the last time Dan played with the Lego, now day’s It’s all about the computer and of course the Wii . ( I’m pretty sure he even liked it)

We dined on a Favourite meal  of Kurt’s……………..PIZZA.


After tea it was pretty much time with Uncle Dan and yes the Wii did eventually come into it, or course!

The next day we had to take Aunt Gert to the dr’s.,

At the dr's

Thankfully she is fine and just had that dreaded flu.

I got the camera out….duh


And then it was time for Mom……..

Mom's Home

                  I somehow think someone was very happy to see his mom.

                                     And I was very sad to see him go.

goodbye cuddles


But we will get to see him very soon as his birthday is in a couple of weeks and we will make the trip to see him and deliver his birthday present in person.

What a great little fella he’s turning into..

Love you lots Kurt……

Thanks for making Grandma smile..


No craft was made during this time, just precious memories!



stay safe







What is Mr wonderful up to with that  Vac Blower now??????

Mr wonderful

Next time…….



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My busy weekend..


What a very Busy weekend……

Full of Mowing lawns and school projects and  taking photo’s of a couple of finished jewellery pieces,  just so that I can show you tonight.

First though, I promised that the next time I was here

I would share with you my Apple head Witch.

Please don’t be scared, she’s not the prettiest witch of all and she is very very old.


Apple Head witch

Apple head witch

I think maybe her apple Head has seen a few years too many…

Then there was my sock that I wasn’t even going to start until my friend happened to give me a pattern that she had found on the internet and thought that maybe I would like…….


knitted lacy sock 

I did and I think I much rather this style to the plain one’s, can’t promise though that this sock will get a mate until next winter.

I just hope I don’t forget the extra bit’s I added to the pattern.

This has been taking up my every spare minute.

The quilt.

The quilt

I think in an earlier post I said  that I planned  to have this finished within the year,

HA not likely,

I think I’ll go for the end of next year,  after all there are so  many tiny squares for me to sew, then I shall reassess my progress.

but who knows once I start I find it very hard to pull away…

Jewellery wise I have been trying to finish off some long ignored projects.

I even used a wire beaded ball that was actually a mistake that I had made about 12mths ago, also i used  a couple of beads made from various beads mainly seed beads, and a few special beads that have been hiding amongst my bead stash.

wire bead

seedbead Ball

Beaded bead 

Put them altogether and I came up with a very Summery Necklace…….

summer Necklace

I’ve also made a couple of pairs of earrings..


woven earrings

Each woven using tiny little seed beads.

And for fun I had a go using Shrinky Plastic to make these cute little Owl’s.

shrinky plastic

So as you can see I have been a “little bit” preoccupied…

And the “beading tray” still has more  projects to be finished and started.

beading tray

Enough about me…….

My daughter did her first “paid” job in the Bead shop on Saturday..

hard day at work 

As I had a Birthday Party to Host, her job was to look after the shop.


The Party went really well.

I’m pretty sure they all enjoyed themselves,

I was very Proud of Shan,  she did a very good Job. I guess it won’t be to long before she’s in a “real” job.

I really believe she will be an asset to anyone who employs her.

Luckily that was Saturday , because on Sunday,  the lounge became her best friend, that and One tree Hill.

lounge day Dreaded Flu……..

And the Boy, well he kept us pretty Busy for at least 1/2 of our beautiful Sunny Sunday, working on  a School project that was due TOMMORROW.

He had to come up with a model to do with renewable Energy, something he feels very passionate “ as we all should” about.

After much researching a “Wind turbine” model was decided upon….

I thought I was being very clever by getting Mr wonderful involved therefore leaving me free to do whatever I wanted…

boys at play

I don’t think we needed the heavy artillery brought out………

So to cut a long tedious story short, after a few yelling matches and the battle of the wit’s, the Wind turbine model became to be, after scrimmaging around we used a pair of My knitting needles, some cogs from a old meccano set, then we made the blades from an old milk carton and some bits and bob’s from Mr wonderful’s shed…….

So we also learnt how to recycle!!

Dan gave his model a paint


And tomorrow it goes to school.

wind turbine

I’m thinking that pretty much cover’s the weekend activity’s and more.

Did I mention it was a beautiful Sunny day, hope it stays that was for a bit but I think i heard someone mention rain…..

Craft day tomorrow, I’m planning on a bit of embroidery…….

Yet another Adventure begins….



stay safe








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Tania's Garden


I am such a bad blogger, i know. I am full of good intentions, and every night i plan to sit down at the computer but I always seem to get lost, Like a little child i get easily distracted and  then the Sun sets at the end of the day and the my  “blogging moment” disappears.

Luckily i have plenty of photo’s to remind me of my day’s that I want to tell you about.

Like the day the “crafty’ girls got together and I showed  them the art of flower making…….

 crafty friends

candles and flowers 

I’m pretty sure the” crafty’s” were quite impressed with their very own Rose…

completed flowers

                   I was pretty impressed with our afternoon art in itself.

Sue's Pavlova

                              Then there was the day that we had Surprise visitors……..

                                                     Can u Guess who??

Master Mason

                                                        Master mason


                                           and of course his entourage

                             We spent a lovely sunny afternoon at our local Dam,


                                                 while the boys explored

 exploring exploring

                       and Mr wonderful stayed behind to cook our Lunch


                                               I just took in the view

the view                      

                          And you know i can’t leave it be without the family shot,


                                               notice anyone missing???

                            Master Mason was having an afternoon cat nap.

                                        Thanks’ guys for coming to visit.

                                                Love you all so much.                             



I also  wanted to show you  a doorstop doll that I made a few years ago for a friend’s Birthday  (Back in my cloth doll making era).  Every time I see her at Jen’s “a fellow crafty’” house,  I’m so amazed at how good she looks, so I figured I would show her to you.


cloth doll


Kind of inspires me to dash out to my “craft” flat and make another. I quite enjoy sewing the dolls. I’ll have to show my Apple witch doll, though she is looking a bit worse for wear these days, a bit like me I think.

I’ve have also been very busy creating, knitting and quilting, and working a day or two ……..

Next time  I promise to share photo’s of what I’ve been creating of late…….

Some owls, seed beaded balls and a very lacy sock…

And I’ll blow the cobwebs of that witch of mine and take her portrait.


                     For now though its a “Yawn” goodnight to you all……….



 stay safe










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Off with the Birds..



tree of life 

                               It’s coming, the promise of warmer days,

                                      Spring is knocking on our door.

With it comes  beautiful sunny days when being outside is a pleasure, and the garden springs into action , At least I hope……….

And speaking of flowers,

English countryside pendant

Remember My English country side pendant that I made for the Australian beading forum, well I’m happy to report that after a very close race i won the vote………….


Plus i got a little badge for my forum signature, Funny how the littlest things can make you smile.

And I’ve been to the little shop at Lucknow to add more “flower’s” to the stash.


                                   What to do with all those perty flowers.


                                                 Now speaking of Birds.

           I have been busy playing with wire to create some very cute Bird Nest’s.

                                                First came the Bird Nest:

Bird Nest

                                               Then came the necklace:


                                     And Now “taa Daa” comes the earring’s:


      And Mr wonderful Hubby then made me something I’ve been wanting forever

Mr wonderful

                                                      A Bird House,

                                            When a nest just wont do…

Bird House





                                                    Cindy and Jamie                                  

                                          I want to say to each of you
                                         I Love You with my whole heart
                                         I’ll Love You beyond this lifetime
                                            And my love will never stop.




stay safe







Flower Abundance..


This week has been a week of flower’s for me………



Starting the week off helping a friend’s friend make up some Roses in Aid of a Breast Cancer fundraiser to be held in October.


material rose


Of course I also thought it would be a good opportunity, whilst lending a helping Hand, to learn how to make the roses myself,something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile..

material rose 

Sometime’s it ok to watch somebody else do it…..


While enjoying a cuppa in the prettiest cup.


Only 200 more to go!!!


Of course I had to come home and finally  have a go myself using the material I had purchased a few days/week’s ago.


So Taaa Daaaa……….

My roses

My first Material Rose….. 

I have some pretty pearl’s just perfect to go with my rose,

I have a necklace in mind,

so there’s more to this rose than meets the eye………



And  OF COURSE I had to “rush” to our local craft shop to purchase more “rose” supplies’.




Next “flower” of the week is a pendant……….


I am a member of the Australian Beading forum and once a week they choose a theme, you then have the opportunity to use your imagination to interpret what that theme means to you.

This week’s theme was  ‘ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE’..

English countryside

Of course Flower’s sprung to my mind…..

You know how much I love flower’s.

Anyhow first i encase the focal bead in seed Beads and then I tried to imagine myself lost in an English Garden in the country.


flower pendant


I totally enjoyed the experience. Sort of how I imagined my cottage garden “ I wish” to look.


“Now for news that hasn’t really anything to do with flower’s.

Dan attended his first Disco……

We voted in the elections, but still don’t know who our prime minister will be..

Shannon’s  boyfriend came off a “Bull” and broke several ribs OUCH…..”



My first Blossom photo,

Give’s me hope that warmer days are coming.





stay safe






Day By Day………………



YOO HOO anyone miss me?????

I’ve been missing in action what feels like forever even though I did pop my head on occasion &  played around with the theme of my Blog, all because I came across a site known as

It’s here that I found some cute little buttons for the side Bars, and then of course I decided to search for a new theme, something slightly prettier than the one I already had, to match the prettiness of the side widget’s…..and i do Love Pink.

Ok so that some of what’s been keeping me Busy.

LIFE, Its been full of all sorts of different Ups and Downs,

Of Sadness and  Tears,

And worry.

But this post is about my past month……

Of Smiles:Master Mason

When we all, “hubby, grandma and Grand pop  included”  made the 5hrs trip for Master Mason’s Naming Day.

Naming day Gang

A day that was full of love and Happiness, Joy and Surprises for Daniel when he found out he was one of the Godparent’s along with Shannon.

God father     God Father            

                   We forget to warn him but he took the job on quite Proudly

                              And of course Shannon will win another heart!

God Mother

                                           Good Job Simone and Jamie.

Jamie and simone 

                                     It was so worth every second of the Trip.


                                                          as always

                                                  The Journey Home.

Trip Home

                                               Is never a Happy trip .



                      Even with an awesome rainbow to brighten the Journey 🙂





                                        Creatively I’ve been very busy,

                I managed to make Simone’s Country Bunting before the trip.




             I made a very special pearl necklace for a Lady from my class.


                                  Using just a photo from a magazine.

                              I attempted my very first Bird nest Pendant

Birds Nest

  And I’m totally “wrapped” with the  Funky Wire earring’s that I made today,

wire earrings

                                                            At work.

                           And someone else has been very creative as well.

                                                     Can you guess???

                                                    Who it could it be,

                                                       Miss Shannon


                                        With her bag, she made at school.


               You wouldn’t believe how much of my “stuff” I can fit in there..


                                       I think I’ll be putting an order in.

“Did you notice,  another pair of sock’s has been started, I needed a diversion for our trip. Bit like a James Bond Movie, Never say Never!”

                             I had a trip the the Dentist, Yadda, yadda yadda,

                                       And I have to go back next week 😦

                                   We’ve had lots of freezing cold days,

       Except for last Sunday when I actually ventured out into the garden,

weeding day

                                      For the much needed “annual” clean up

Job well done

                            Plus Bonus, I rediscovered My weather Vane….

weather Vane

                                     I had wondered what had become of it.


                                     Still no sign of any snow, here anyhow 😦


                             So you see I have been slightly preoccupied,

                                          I guess Life’s a bit like that,

                                          Tomorrow is another day,

                                           I wonder what it brings….

                                      Nothing but Good thing’s I pray

Speaking of Praying while we was away Grandma managed to get 3 Of                 the “good children” to go to Church with her.

church goer's

                                                   Footy socks and all

My girl

                                                        That’s my girl!


Hope your weekend’s a happy one.



stay safe








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