Special visitors


Some Monday’s can be a real bore, everyone back to school & work, the house screaming for some attention that you really cant be bothered to do. Thankfully today was different, I had visitors.

My 1st visitor came bearing a surprise, something she knew I was sure to love, a real awwww moment and indeed it was..


My friend Kerrie brought to show me the cutest bundle of cuteness, that wasn’t a grandchild.

A beautiful ball of white fur, a little baby, not very old at all.

Kerrie thinks that the little rabbit  may have snuck out of its warm cosy burrow to find an adventure.

Lucky, that’s the name of the little rabbit, because it turns out he was very lucky as Kerrie’s cat had found him and brought him to the house.

Kerrie knew that I would be over the moon to take some photo’s of this little bundle of cuteness so it was time for a photo shoot for the little white Rabbit named Lucky!

Little white Rabbit IMG_6212IMG_6074 

I took so many photos that I lost count but I thought Id try to add a photo to my FB page each day until Easter Sunday.

He was so sweet, I think I could have gladly have kept him, if my hubby would let me.

My other visitor today was a young girl who I have known since she was just a little thing going to Pre-school with my daughter Shannon.

Miss Laura had come today for some advice on starting a quilt.

Armed with her material and a pkt of Delicious chocolate Hot cross buns we decided that a cup of tea was in order first.

Then it was time to begin Laura’s journey into the world of quilts. 

First we cut our squares:

IMG_6379 IMG_6388

Then we sewed:

IMG_6395 IMG_6397

The we smiled, because Laura had made her very first quilt block!!

 IMG_6406 IMG_6408

Laura is off to see her grandmother in England in September, & is planning to stay for a year, a whole year, how exciting.  I’m assuming that by the time she gets back she will be a dab hand at quilting, I am also hoping she will start a blog so that we can share with her her adventure’s that I am sure she will have.

Anyhow after showing Laura my little Garden and all the current projects I have on the go and my messy craft flat, that desperately needs tidying again, I gave her some very important advise…….finish this project before starting another, somehow I think I may have been talking to myself!!

So I am thinking Laura went home to find a space  so she can continue making the rest of her blocks before taking the next step. ( Actually I know she did as I have just spotted some photos on FB of the blocks she has made at home, well done!!)


That’s about it for me, it time for bed!!!



I love days that wear you out..



Stay Safe




What’s all the “Ruckus” about?


I am happy to  report that finally I am recovery form the surgery ,which was well over 2 week ago .  I am feeling so much better , actually come to think of it  I think I just may be appreciating everything I have just that little bit more.


My Operation was to remove a Benign Tumour from my Face, which is not really an easy task for me to fathom but the Drs seemed to know what they are doing.(Thank God).

They sliced down the front of my ear and partially my neck, and then they pulled back the skin on my face to remove the tumour.

Thank Goodness one is given Heavy duties drugs for such occasions.


But that was then and this is today and Its so amazing how the scar is all but healed and to be honest unless you know what has happened you would never guess.


Mind you I do still have some healing to go, my eye doesn’t quite shut properly and I cant move my eyebrow up or down, important things to me but quite trivial in the things that matter  but the Dr  has assured  me that with time it will heal..

All that left now is to get back to what’s important and that’s living life to it’s fullest.

I’m off to the Dr’s on Friday for final result’s of the tumour but I’m feeling pretty confident that it’s all going to be Ok..




Ok so that’s the Yucky bit over and done with and now we can continue on with the Happy moments, like our “little” visitor we had last Saturday.

Mr Wonderful woke to the sounds of howling outside our window and upon further investigation he came to tell me there was a HUGE big dog hanging around the back gate.

I’m thinking he was doing his best to wooo our Miss Milly Dog. Who in actual fact was sitting in the furthest corner of the back Yard, as far away as she could possible get…

Anyway,  we soon made ourselves a friend..

Lost Dog

Notice how Mr Wonderful is Behind the fence………

At first we thought the pooch was trying to tell us something important, Kind of of like Lassie and Mr Wonderful was sure he wanted him to follow, (well you hear about how clever dogs can be) But it soon became apparent that Pooch just wanted to play….

Come Hither

So Mr Wonderful game him a drink while I called our local Pound.



  Thankfully our “little” friend was Micro chipped and his owner was found very quickly, and it turned out that he was a neighbour who escaped from his dwellings 2 houses down…



Master “RUKUS”!

Never a dog more aptly named.   He certainly caused a bit of “ruckus” in the few short hours in which we was involved in his world , Miss Milly was very much relieved that she didn’t have to make his acquaintance  in person, and is quite happy to converse over the neighbouring fences.



Cricket season has begun…….





Craft wise things have been a little bit slow for the past couple of week but I’m happy to report the  creative Mojo is  starting to kick back in……….

Before my Operation I managed to finish off a necklace using bits and pieces of a Plate that Mr Wonderful had cut for me…..



Soldered necklace


Tomorrow this necklace will be going down to Oz art,  Robyn rang me yesterday to tell me I had sold a few more pieces, Yay!

And after my Operation I had  a hankering to make a cross……….






I’m quite chuffed with my Cross because I made it all from my very own mind……….

Its great when the creative juices kick in, and even  though  it didn’t quite match the vision that I had in my thought’s but  I was still pretty happy none the less..

Now I need to jot it down so I don’t forget how I made it.

I’ve already been asked to make one  as a Xmas gift.




Finally before I leave, my friend Jennifer and I went and visited some of the local gardens that were part of a Spring Spectacular..

And that’s exactly what it was, SPECTACULAR….

Some of the Beautiful Homes and gardens were Just awe inspiring and so very “Drool worthy”, Ruckus would have been right at home in the old drool factor.

I do plan to share photo’s but I’ve ran out of time  “some sort of housework must be done before the crew arrive home” but for today I will share with you are very special moment at one of the very stately homes we visited.

The Peacock……….



Shaking his Tail feather’s……….


In all his Glory……



What a treat .

Of course I did take soooo many photo’s,  550 to be exact so maybe next time I will share with you some of my gardens photo’s that I took.



stay safe








Off with the Birds..



tree of life 

                               It’s coming, the promise of warmer days,

                                      Spring is knocking on our door.

With it comes  beautiful sunny days when being outside is a pleasure, and the garden springs into action , At least I hope……….

And speaking of flowers,

English countryside pendant

Remember My English country side pendant that I made for the Australian beading forum, well I’m happy to report that after a very close race i won the vote………….


Plus i got a little badge for my forum signature, Funny how the littlest things can make you smile.

And I’ve been to the little shop at Lucknow to add more “flower’s” to the stash.


                                   What to do with all those perty flowers.


                                                 Now speaking of Birds.

           I have been busy playing with wire to create some very cute Bird Nest’s.

                                                First came the Bird Nest:

Bird Nest

                                               Then came the necklace:


                                     And Now “taa Daa” comes the earring’s:


      And Mr wonderful Hubby then made me something I’ve been wanting forever

Mr wonderful

                                                      A Bird House,

                                            When a nest just wont do…

Bird House





                                                    Cindy and Jamie                                  

                                          I want to say to each of you
                                         I Love You with my whole heart
                                         I’ll Love You beyond this lifetime
                                            And my love will never stop.




stay safe







Flower Abundance..


This week has been a week of flower’s for me………



Starting the week off helping a friend’s friend make up some Roses in Aid of a Breast Cancer fundraiser to be held in October.


material rose


Of course I also thought it would be a good opportunity, whilst lending a helping Hand, to learn how to make the roses myself,something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile..

material rose 

Sometime’s it ok to watch somebody else do it…..


While enjoying a cuppa in the prettiest cup.


Only 200 more to go!!!


Of course I had to come home and finally  have a go myself using the material I had purchased a few days/week’s ago.


So Taaa Daaaa……….

My roses

My first Material Rose….. 

I have some pretty pearl’s just perfect to go with my rose,

I have a necklace in mind,

so there’s more to this rose than meets the eye………



And  OF COURSE I had to “rush” to our local craft shop to purchase more “rose” supplies’.




Next “flower” of the week is a pendant……….


I am a member of the Australian Beading forum and once a week they choose a theme, you then have the opportunity to use your imagination to interpret what that theme means to you.

This week’s theme was  ‘ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE’..

English countryside

Of course Flower’s sprung to my mind…..

You know how much I love flower’s.

Anyhow first i encase the focal bead in seed Beads and then I tried to imagine myself lost in an English Garden in the country.


flower pendant


I totally enjoyed the experience. Sort of how I imagined my cottage garden “ I wish” to look.


“Now for news that hasn’t really anything to do with flower’s.

Dan attended his first Disco……

We voted in the elections, but still don’t know who our prime minister will be..

Shannon’s  boyfriend came off a “Bull” and broke several ribs OUCH…..”



My first Blossom photo,

Give’s me hope that warmer days are coming.





stay safe






Its in the Mail………

Tomorrow is a very special day.

My grandson Bailey is turning  4.

Thankfully I made the dash to the Post office earlier in the week and posted his parcel.

 Birthday Parcel

I must remember to ring him early,  before the excitement gets too much,

you know when nothing beats the present’s 

and grandma is just a voice on the phone.

And speaking of excitement,

remember the trip to the city,

well I’m happy to report that my photo did actually make  the Add for Canon.


This is the photo that they took on that day and it is on the Canon site, amongst some pretty spectacular photo’s,  I feel very humble.

This is the link, go take a peek and see if you can find me…………

The trick is to click on the arrow on the right hand side of the screen and keep a watchful eye.

It’s all pretty exciting and it’s inspired me to get the camera out get clicking,  taking a few different shots.:

red flower

                 This one is of a plant that hangs over from the neighbours fence.


This little beauty had me on my Belly in the front Yard, (trying out the different  settings on the camera) and then making me regret ever getting down there in the first place. I’m thinking maybe using this at a later time in Photoshop, for some creativeness.

frost drop

               This was taken the other morning in the FREEZING cold at about 7am.

                      If you look closely you can see the house across the road.

frost drops                                

                                Same with this one, at about the same time.

                               I love Macro! It takes you into a whole new world……….


Ok this is  Nugget  Noodle, Jinx he is my friend’s Pooch, who just happened to stop on by while I was in my camera mode mood.


Ok, so now I think I’m starting to Annoy!

beak time 

Good Time for a break and gets some tips from my camera book

“Digital SLR cameras for DUMMIES”

I have no Beading creations to share with you BECAUSE at the moment  I am lost in camera world and dabbling with photo editing, well it does go hand in hand with the camera, you know!

I turned this:

 seed Into this:

all the flowers

                     And last night I retouched this Photo from forever ago…………….

dancing fairys old 

I plan to print this one for a friend who’s birthday is at the end of this month ,shhhh!

“One of the little fairy’s belong to her and the other one belongs to me”.

Now for the very important sock Update:


I can see a light at the end of the tunnel,  and I am so close to finishing, I plan to have a little break and begin to hand quilt “that” quilt………

Maybe another pair of socks later on, Never say never!

This weekend I Plan to do a little revamping of my notice Board

notice Board

It is there, can you see underneath all those messages, Thankfully no bills !

Anyhow I plan to use this material to brighten it up.


And I thought Id take you on the Journey with me.

And  I couldn’t  forget to tell you about this little Man………….

Humpty Dumpty

My grandson Kurt who came 3rd place in his very first eisteddfod  performance.

kurt award

Grandma is so very very VERY Proud, and check out the costume him and his Mom made , they did a brilliant  job, I think Mom should be very proud of herself as well.


A trip to the city…………..


Last Friday week i received an email from an Advertising firm who had spotted a photo that i had put online and wanted to know if i would be interested in coming to Sydney for a Photo shoot.

My first thought was to  delete the email, believing it was some sort of con to make me spend money……………

Then before I hit the delete button I decided to re-read the email…………….


They wanted to use My photo as part of a advertising campaign for Canon.


My 2nd thought was……

Did i use the Canon camera for that particular shot?

After going back through files, I found the original and PHEW, It had been taken with my canon camera.

My 3rd thought was did i really want to travel to Sydney to have my photo taken holding a King size version of my already taken photo…….

I don’t mind taking the photo’s, but to be part of a photo shoot was another thing.

At first i decided No, but then after thinking about it and discussing it with family and friends, it was decided Yes,

On this momentous occasion, I should be the one holding my photo.

And so Last Wednesday our trip to the city was made……………..

Over the Mountains

First By Road……..train station

And then By Train………


And yes my “entourage”  accompanied me on the adventure,

It defiantly felt like winter had well and truly kicked in while waiting for that train in the Mountains…….


After making our way to the photo shoot, we sat and waited until I was called in..

 made up

After I had been “touched” up, I was called in for the big Photo shoot…….

Ready set Action

But i had been called in with about 4 other people at the same time……

We had to stand with Numbers in front of us ( a little bit like criminals i felt)  so that they would know who each of us was, and then we were asked to walk across the room several time’s, while the photographer took photo’s.

I must admit i was feeling pretty damn nervous,

I had been busy practising my smiling skills,

Not my walking/acting………

I was relieved when i was asked to sit down,

(Obviously my walking/Acting  skills needed some more work!)

It wasn’t until they realised that i was in fact a “Photographer” and not one of the Actors, that i actually got to hold the frame for my very own photo shoot ( actor Free).

I picked a frame similar to the frame that I used on the website………….

And then I had my photo taken holding the  frame which would then later have my photo added to it.,

All quite painless really,

until i decided to have a quick look at the photo’s of myself that they had taken…………….


I think i will stick to being  behind the camera !!

But besides all that,  It was all pretty exciting to be part of something so different to my everyday life….

rose drop 

This is the photo that they liked……………


After we made it back to Central Train station,

the Kids enjoyed a Krispy Kreme donut treat,


Mmmmmm Donuts

While we sat and sipped a much earned cappuccino and watched the people walk on by,  while waiting for the train to take us back to the Mountains and our home sweet home…

It will always be a day to remember

 sun setting in the west



Ok so that was last week.

Today I am at Home, enjoying the company of my Son and his family who have come to visit for Mother’s day.


I am Lucky.










It’s starting to feel a bit like Winter……….

Our day’s are starting to become shorter and the cold is starting to nip at our toe’s, 

But today thankfully wasn’t such a bad day.

Yes we had that Nip in the air,

Yes we had the heater on in the morning,

and yes I had to wear something slightly warmer.

And then there was that massive cloud bank,

That i just had to stop to take a photo of,

Much to the kid’s dismay,

”Mom, we will be late for school” .

Which or course we wasn’t…Pffftt.

cloud cover 

Still it’s all a bit Brrrrrrrrrr…………


I have been knitting Madly, still on Youngest son’s sock………….

I had to pull half of it apart as I noticed a hole, Oh about 4inches Back…………….


This is why I don’t class myself as a knitter.

BUT It wont beat me and so I solder on.

That was until this afternoon when i noticed that the first sock i knitted (and did with such ease)  is slightly different to the one “It’s mate” that i am working on now !!!!!

I thought about pulling the “mate” back until I investigated a little bit more and realised that the “perfect finished sock” was the “somewhere a mistake” had been made………….


I’ve decided that if i keep knitting, (and I am so close to finishing)  that NO BODY will know the difference…………………….

knitted socks

Our body’s are  suppose to be slightly different on each side ?????

Does that work with feet as well??

Well, IT will work on these sock’s !!

Just don’t tell Dan.


Well today was spent enjoying a Chinese Meal with the “Crafty’s” minus Tania who had a very sick boy at home, and I do  hope he’s feeling a lot better by now.

Yesterday though we did enjoy a feast at her home,  and so the craft group has finally begun in earnest for the year.

After Lunch we meandered down (in the car or course , too far to walk, well not really I guess but hey ………………) to one of the best little craft shops in town.

The sort of shop you go to when you need a good dose of Homeliness and Inspiration…..

Of course I could have bought everything in the shop……

IF I WAS RICH !!!!!!

But because I’m not,  I behaved myself and just bought some much NEEDED purchases…….


home patch 

The little rustic bells ( which on further thought, I may have already purchased a pack on another visit that is sitting on a shelf SOMEWHERE in this house, shhhhh ) I thought would look great on the next “country Bunting” that I make…..

The tiny little bird house’s will make great little earrings ( and they were the last 2, meant to be mine) , and I have some tiny little bird beads I figure would be a perfect match .

And I bought the Little metal Happy birthday Tags,  well just because I liked them!

Yesterday I gave my friend Kerrie (One of the crafty’s) a suncatcher made with crystal’s from the  “Shoebox”.


crystal suncatcher


This suncatcher was made as a thankyou gift as Kerrie gave me an overlocker that she didn’t use anymore.

All I had to do was pay to have it serviced..

I’ve always wanted one but it was never high on the list of priority’s, and  Shannon is learning how to use them at school I figure she will be able to share the knowledge with me.


I have youngest son Dan waiting in the back room to show me a level he created for his Super Mario game.

He is just amazing when it comes to these computer’s and his game making , I find it fascinating and very very VERY  clever but my head starts to hurt when he starts to explain the process………..

I wonder if maybe its the age difference???????

Regardless,  he is a boy genius.

(That starts back at Drama classes as of Monday).