Special visitors


Some Monday’s can be a real bore, everyone back to school & work, the house screaming for some attention that you really cant be bothered to do. Thankfully today was different, I had visitors.

My 1st visitor came bearing a surprise, something she knew I was sure to love, a real awwww moment and indeed it was..


My friend Kerrie brought to show me the cutest bundle of cuteness, that wasn’t a grandchild.

A beautiful ball of white fur, a little baby, not very old at all.

Kerrie thinks that the little rabbit  may have snuck out of its warm cosy burrow to find an adventure.

Lucky, that’s the name of the little rabbit, because it turns out he was very lucky as Kerrie’s cat had found him and brought him to the house.

Kerrie knew that I would be over the moon to take some photo’s of this little bundle of cuteness so it was time for a photo shoot for the little white Rabbit named Lucky!

Little white Rabbit IMG_6212IMG_6074 

I took so many photos that I lost count but I thought Id try to add a photo to my FB page each day until Easter Sunday.

He was so sweet, I think I could have gladly have kept him, if my hubby would let me.

My other visitor today was a young girl who I have known since she was just a little thing going to Pre-school with my daughter Shannon.

Miss Laura had come today for some advice on starting a quilt.

Armed with her material and a pkt of Delicious chocolate Hot cross buns we decided that a cup of tea was in order first.

Then it was time to begin Laura’s journey into the world of quilts. 

First we cut our squares:

IMG_6379 IMG_6388

Then we sewed:

IMG_6395 IMG_6397

The we smiled, because Laura had made her very first quilt block!!

 IMG_6406 IMG_6408

Laura is off to see her grandmother in England in September, & is planning to stay for a year, a whole year, how exciting.  I’m assuming that by the time she gets back she will be a dab hand at quilting, I am also hoping she will start a blog so that we can share with her her adventure’s that I am sure she will have.

Anyhow after showing Laura my little Garden and all the current projects I have on the go and my messy craft flat, that desperately needs tidying again, I gave her some very important advise…….finish this project before starting another, somehow I think I may have been talking to myself!!

So I am thinking Laura went home to find a space  so she can continue making the rest of her blocks before taking the next step. ( Actually I know she did as I have just spotted some photos on FB of the blocks she has made at home, well done!!)


That’s about it for me, it time for bed!!!



I love days that wear you out..



Stay Safe




It’s beginning to look a bit like……….


Naked Xmas tree 


My Christmas tree is Naked……………

I cannot believe that in less than a week, the Big Man in Red will be coming down our Chimney,

Ok perhap’s not,  considering we don’t have a chimney,

you get my drift……

I’m pretty sure I spotted him down town only the other day…..

Santa is in town

Could it be????

If only Shannon had known she could have put her order in  (& saved me some money).

Dan survived his first year of high school, Yay! & somehow managed to get considerably taller, I think he’s got me covered….

Shannon and Dan made us very proud with their academic achievements  both receiving awards for different subjects……

My kids 

Another good thing about getting close to the end of the year is to see the kids perform in their chosen out of school activitys, that has kept them busy all year through.

For Dan it was a play with his Drama group…..


I think it was loosely based on a teacher as school, and some fellow students….

And finally I got to watch Shannon dance…….

Dance girl

I couldn’t help but cry, you know when u dont really get a choice…

& so did her “Mr Wonderful” father, but shh I didn’t tell you that.

Craft wise  I discovered the best tutorial on how to cover a styraphome ball to make it look like its quilted….


I have totally fallen in love with the Idea of making something so plain look so cool….

Thankyou so much Angie

Thank goodness there are such talented lady’s who like to share their creativity.

I enjoyed making this ball so much that I made a couple for the “crafty girls” Xmas swap.

(Lucky Sue was the xmas ball recipent)

The crafty's

I was also part of the Australian beading forums xmas swap this year and I showed you the goodies I received in my last post, well in this post I’ll show you what I made for my Xmas Buddy , and guess what I was hers.

Anyhow after reading her likes and dislike I decided that a book cover  that fits an A4 art book would be my gift…

Just the place to jot down those creative thought’s.





And I’m happy to report that she loved it…


So I’m thinking that I am ready  for that Red man In the suit to come calling.

The presents have been bought, the food list has been sorted mind you  this year  there will be no little sweeties here to make my day extra special, but I know that in a few weeks I’ll get to see them all……

It will be like getting that very special Xmas gift,

Something to look forward to…

And I think I’ll still put the milk and cookie out for Santa, regardless after all he does need all the energy he can muster so that he can get to Jake, Kiera, Kurt, Christian, Bailey and Master Mason, and Of course Ebony and Mitchell ( my niece and  Nephew)…………


And ALL the good little boys and girls around the world..

Including 2 big kids living here at home, after all they have been pretty good this year.

Perhaps I’d better leave a whole packet of cookies out for him, looks like he’s going to be busy…

And guess what???xmas tree 

The Christmas tree has  found its Christmas spirit…….

Begining to look like xmas


“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given–when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes." 

Joan Winmill Brown, American author and editor.



My wish to you is that you enjoy the special day with your loved ones, hold them dear, eat, be Merry and look forward to the New year ahead….



stay safe







Sunny Day’s



It’s very quiet here in my household.

Mr Wonderful has taken himself off to work,

the sweeties are rugged up tight in their very own sleep bubble and I am  feeling quite sad as I watch the news……

My thoughts and prayers go to the families in Nz….

Today my post is all about Love and Family and perhaps a bead or two! Same pretty much the same as usual, doesn’t it ?

We finally took our Journey to see My Grandson Kurt, usually its taken on close to Kurt’s birthday  but this year it had to be delayed due to my Operation. 

It was really great to finally be able to make the trip….

I can’t believe how quickly little ones grow, especially when your not close by to see…


A cricket match was played until a little fella disrupted the game. 

And it just happen to be McHappy Day so while Grand pop was inside tousling with the crowds, ordering our lunch, Kurt and I got to play on the Fire engine truck………

It was such a nice day and I’m so glad we got to see Emma and the kids. She is doing such a great Job with her Boys..

family shot

Our family shot with the boys 2010………but hang on, someone is missing???????

Where is the princess, Miss Shannon???

beach girl

“ Here I am”………Pfft!

She was on a holiday with a friend from school, to the beach no less, Lucky girl!

Creative wise I have been busy making :

Some very special little boxes..

From this:


To this:

 Vintage Box

I’ve begun The “vintage Box” Journey ……………

All because of a special open house day that Mom and I will be attending and we get to sell some of our wares.

Sunny Ridge

The House is being opened up to the public at  $5.00 are car,  they are also trying to give it a “market feel” to the day, so there will various tables to peruse!

They plan to have a Live Band, vintage cars and  games for the kids and plenty more, sounds like a great day out in the country.

I am quite excited about the opportunity to sell my wares but to also have a sticky beak into a very old homestead……..I just love old places .

I wonder will I spot a ghost or two there??

Its just not My “Vintage Box’s”,

I have also  been busy  making some Hat Pins,

Hat Pins

And I really love the cute little daisy earrings that I put together last night.

Sweet Daisy 

I think I’ll be making some more of these and perhaps even a pair for myself!

I also made had my very first attempt at the  DQ organised by the Australian Bead Forum.

You purchase a kit of pre organised beads and Create…..

This is my offerings………

Dragon heart

Dragon heart

Dragonheart IMG_6926

There was so many beautiful entry’s, and it certainly helps to see how everyone can use the similar Beads to create totally different pieces….

I had plenty of Beads left over from my creation so I decided to use the leftovers to make myself a bracelet, combining the left over bits and bobs and some special Beads that Simone (DIL)  bought for me to cheer me up a while back.


You’ll be happy to know Simone I wear this quite a bit.

Mr Wonderful celebrated his birthday on the weekend……..

Birthday Boy

Why he doesn’t look a day over 21 Errr 31 ummmm 41,  and what did he get, a BBQ he found that had $50.00 knocked off because of having no bolts ( which he ended up getting, anyhow)

Happy Birthday Mr Wonderful,


I’ve remembered another reason I love this time  of the year so much,



OMG I nearly forget to share with you my special little parcel that I received in the mail last week…….


I entered a “give away’ blog …


And Guess What..


I won this Beautiful necklace, a Rose Cameo beautifully encased in crystals & Seed beads.

Thankyou so much Amanda, tis a beautiful thing…x

stay safe

Looks like a storm is brewing….


Looks like a storm is brewing,

stormy night

Thankfully its only the weather I’m talking about.

storm clouds

This is what it looked like just a few short hours ago, after having the most perfect of weather days. There was a little bit of Huff and Puff and some rain but it seems like it’s all over and done with, for now at least.

Today was a “crafty” girls birthday, Miss Tania. For her gift this year I used a photo of a bee that I had taken ages ago and turned into a “piece of Art”.

Bee art

Or course I made a “a Rose art” a few months back, with the great hope of making some to sell, Ok so I do a lot of thinking before I take Action ( mind you I do have a few frames with their undercoat on).

That’s me!

I’ve also been thinking about Xmas as well considering its not that far away….


where did that year go?

Anyhow I figure its time for the Xmas decorations to come into Play……

Xmas star

And once again the Xmas star begins to shine.

I’m thinking a Xmas Bauble could be on the cards as well.

Now even though it wasn’t my birthday today I still managed to get spoilt by having dinner cooked for me by the special cooking fairy……….



Miss Shannon wanted to try on her Master Chef Hat . The Menu for tonight was Chicken carbonara and a slice of Garlic Bread…..


Thumbs Up


That looks like a thumb’s up from the food critic and if you can impress him your doing pretty good.

Guess who did the washing up……….yep the COOKING FAIRY!

She cleaned as she cooked,  didn’t get that from me I can tell you!

I want the cooking fairy EVERYNIGHT! (stomping up and down on the spot)

I wonder if I can Bribe ask her to cook something tomorrow night as well.

Maybe she was being nice to me because I let her have a few friends stay over on Saturday night for a Slumber Party.


From behind closed door we heard plenty of laughing, talking Singing

(I desperately wanted to join in )

Then it was popcorn and scary movies time.


I remember the days of the slumber Party.

With my next door neighbour & best friend Cathy, singing into the handle of a hair Brush to the tunes of Abba, and we had all the moves.

Fun time’s.

Anyhow back to Shannon, all I can say is what a nice bunch of girls they are and they can all come back again.

As  long as I can hang out as well.

Maybe I can teach them an Abba song or two!



Finally I got to pick a flower or two from my very own garden.

My flowers

My flowers

I love this time of the year.




stay safe








Happy Birthday Miss 15



Today we celebrated yet another family member’s birthday.

Miss Shannon

Birthday girl


15yrs today

You make me proud of you each and everyday.

I am so lucky to have to for a daughter……

Happy Birthday my dear sweet princess….

I love you lots.







stay safe








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Birthday Boy.


I couldn’t let today go bye without stopping bye to wish someone I love a very  happy birthday.


From Cheeky Grin………….


To Cheeky Grin………………..


My son and I


You make me smile….

You make me laugh till I have tears streaming down my face.

You mean the world to me and I love you with all my heart.

I’m proud of who you have become

Happy 26th Birthday

Love you today, tomorrow and forever.













stay safe


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Guess what!


Guess what!!


We got Snow, 

It’s Spring time and we get snow,  

we didn’t get ANY snow at all in Winter (much to my dismay).

And Ok ,

even though we did get snow, it still didn’t settle, not enough anyhow for any beautiful Wintery shots that I have been dreaming of…


We got Snow!

I think I was more thrilled than the kids at the sight of  the snow flakes, Snow  reminds  me of when I grew up in a little town where winter snow was a regular occurrence.

As a child

“I have fond memories of going out to the forestry after a snow fall, searching for pines cones to put on the fire, and loving the tranquillity of the snow covered forest”.

Wish I had been a camera buff back then.

This is Mt Panorama, taken by my friend Jen, who ventured out.

Mt Panorama 

Last weekend they were racing car’s around this Mount.





Sunday was visit “Grandma and Grandpop” day to partake in a Yummy Baked Dinner,

Lunch @ grandma's

And of course DESERT


Which consisted of Grandma’s delish trifle and Granpop’s special Mix Ice-cream.

And DAN’S chocolate Cake.

chocoate cake

After Lunch we went for a wander through grandma’s secret Garden….

Secret Garden

Join us for a stroll……

secret Garden  secret Garden

secret garden

secret garden Dads Birdhouse

Even the neighbour’s stopped on by to see what was going on.


And then it was time to say Goodbye……..

chocolate cake thief

With chocolate cake was firmly tucked under someone’s arm……


Ummm Shannon I’m pretty sure Brodie can put on his own boots!

Oh, and introducing Brodie, The Boyfriend.

Oh,  and I stopped on by the Mandurama General store  to check on wether I had sold anything and Yes I had………Yay!



And I can’t believe how quick Our Aussie Post is,

My little parcel that I sent on Friday to my cousin actually arrived today!


Now that was quick….

Ps. I’m happy to report that she loves it.  Yay.

It’s a nice feeling to make someone smile.




Ok so by this stage your probably asking when will this post ever end , but i do have to share what I did today,

The crafty’s had a craft Day at Jen’s

And Guess what!      

I crafted,

Yoo HooMe and "The Quilt" And Ate……..

Jen's Marsbar cheesecake


Ok so Now I’m finished…..





stay safe