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Life’s good


I can’t believe that it’s been such a long time since I’ve taken the time to sit and write, I’ve been here a few times, reading pages, smiling foolishly to myself , oohing and aaahing, promising to myself and anyone who will listen, I must get that blog of mine back into action!

So much had been happening, way too much to talk about in one post, children have grown, gone to uni,started their final year at school, grandchildren have been born, we now have a butcher in the family, my beading has somewhat fallen by the way but now and again I get an urge to make something creative, and of course I’m still chasing bees!
I’ve cried tears of joy and tears of sadness,
I’ve had massive proud mumma moments, a new pooch named Charlee and of I course I turned 50!

I have found myself a little niche in life, besides being a mother and a wife, a job that I refer to as my happy place. ( I actually crawl out of bed at 5.30 am some mornings with a smile, knowing I’m going to this place)

I do beleive I have found the best job in the world, Yes, the world!

I get dressed up as an 1850’s housewife, pretend I have walked from the rocks in Sydney with 12 children by my side to find my husband who’s been working hard looking for gold so that he can give his family a better life, I’ve built a house using wattle & daub, then the best bit, I help the children to cook damper over a fire, and then drizzle golden syrup into the centre ” I remember when I first started I couldn’t even light a fire, now it’s like I’m a pro.
Some days I get to work with a friend I consider my soul sister, Tania aka Miss Molly, as we make our way across the goldfields in the quiet of the morning it really feels like we are in another world .
We are the sisters of the goldfields, but of course she is the slightly nutty one!

There’s nothing sweeter when a child looks into your eyes and ask, “do you really live here miss Sarah? ” Miss Sarah is my goldfield name, seem much more appropriate that Tracey.

Today a little girl told me that she really liked my outfit ! Fist pump

I also love those looks I get when a child just stares at me intently trying to calculate exactly how old I must be! That would be well over 150yrs old they say, I tell them it’s the fresh country air.

Soon I’m going on a journey/ adventure with my mom. We are heading to broken hill during the holidays, a journey where I get to visit a place that is a big part of my moms growing up, guess that’s part of the reason I wanted to start this blog back up was so I can share the journey, plus with all my children moving away and leaving their dear old mom home alone, I figure it’s time for them to see what their crazy old ma gets up too.

Looking forward to seeing where the future takes me.