Knock, knock, Anybody home ?


door Helloooo,

Just give me a sec while I clear away the cob webs that seem to have encased themselves around my blog….

It really does feel like a lifetime ago since I was last here.

All those moments I had stored up in my mind to share, sadly replaced one by one by newer moments,

So today seems like a good place to start..

Tuesday on this 29th day of June.

Its cold,  and winter has really settled in for a long visit, we even had snow around the area last week.

snow covered hills

Thankfully all is pretty good in my little corner of the world…(beside a few winter sniffles)

I’ve made the local newspaper.., after winning a competition run via . Design quest.


To be honest, I’m still in disbelief ……..but it’s nice to know that someone besides myself thinks that my necklace didn’t “scrub up” too bad :).

I also was fortunate enough to be quick ( you have to be quick because everybody wants to participate in this challenge)  enough to get my name down at for a bracelet challenge using her pretty beads..

Blissful Beads

BlissfulBead Bracelet

And I’ve already a couple of request to buy it.

Craft wise I have quite a few “bits & bob’s” on the go, as always..

But, Yay!,  I finally managed to finish knitting the socks that I started last year,


Just in time to keep the princess’s feet warm.

Mr Wonderful is working hard as usual & has started a building  a new Kitchen sink…


He’s on a little mission to try and spend as little as possible by using recycled material’s, starting with the sink that cost a measly $5.00 from the Junction.

Kids are doing well and tomorrow I am off to the high school to sit amongst the other parents wearing my best ‘Cheshire cat smile’ & applaud as loud as I can as as Shannon and Dan both receive Merit awards….

Holidays start at the end of this week, so that means Lazy day’s and catching up on some UFO’s (which are starting to build up quite quickly).

I have a new “Boss” now at the beading shop.


Gail has already etched her way into my heart and she is such an inspiration to me.  She is  proof  that even through adversity one can still rise above it all  and be truly a good person, also Gail has been deaf since she was 2, but hasn’t let that stop her from doing anything she wanted to.


Her new adventure “GEMS on Keppel” thankfully has included me & I am so happy to be a part of her journey. I think there will be fun times ahead.

Thankfully everyone is well, besides the normal winter sniffles.

I just need to mention the fantastic Lemonade that my Mom makes……….

empty bottle 

And bring to your attention Mom that the bottle is empty !

Been given 2 thumbs up by Dan.

My last post mentioned that my son & his family was coming to stay,  this post I am expecting my eldest daughter Cindy & family, on Saturday , Yay, and last weekend we made the trip to See my Grandson Kurt get his New belt in Karate.


I love visit’s.


Ok so this is not getting the kitchen cleaned or the clothes hung out or the floors swept, and I have promised Mr wonderful to have a plate of Jam drops waiting for him when he gets home from work…


Been good catching up.




stay safe






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3 thoughts on “Knock, knock, Anybody home ?

  1. Nice to see you back ‘on the air’ Tracey…it’s been so long since you visited your Blog…AND…there is another bottle of lemonade waiting for you but I’ll be away in Broken Hill from the 1st to 5th…however, your Dad will be here….xxx

    • I know, so Im really going to try and visit much more. The lemonaide was beautiful, glad to know there’s another bottle.
      I forgot you was going away, how exciting, Enjoy yourself and take lots of photo’s. Be safe.

  2. You finished the sock!!! (That’s not meant to sound sarcastic – honest) I just get good feelings when a pair of socks is completed. Whatever you do, don’t put them in the washing machine – socks have been known to lose their mates within.

    Well done to the kids on their merit awards. And, of course, well done on winning the competition (not a bit surprised, though)

    And well done on having a mum who makes home made lemonade – lucky b*gger!

    Have fun with the family over the holidays.

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