Batten down the hatches…


I’ve been told there’s a “Mini cyclone” heading our way and it should touch down about lunch time tomorrow.

I’ve been warned to prepare, But can one ever be prepared?

Especially when its something your really looking forward too,


How could this dear, sweet, adorable little man be a “mini Cyclone”, I just refuse to believe anything that looks that sweet could be trouble, Surely not, but I am prepared to take the risk to find out.

My son and his family , are coming to spend Easter with me.

I’m so excited…….

I’m loving the idea of having an Easter egg hunt with the boys in the morning, and then a proper Easter Lunch.

“Mmmm I’m thinking Baked chicken and cheesecake for desert.”


The bead desk has been made as child proof as can be….

The Easter bunny has dropped off his supply of little eggs for the hunt.

And Low and behold, I even got the duster out today and Dusted!!


All crafting adventure’s will be put on hold, at least those that involve beads that could become a temptation for sweet little finger’s, at least for a few days..

Perhaps it just might be a good time  to pull out the knitting needles & begin working on the mate to this poor lonely sock that I finished at the end of last winter.


Geez, hope I can remember how I managed to knit this one…..

Or  there’s that quilt I need to finish, a little bit of hand sewing might just be in order ( but guess who couldn’t help themselves when she  put up her  hand up at a recent craft get together and said  “Yay” to starting yet another quilt.


This one  I figure will teach me how to cut and lay out the blocks, so It will be a learning quilt, and I do love a challenge,  perhaps I might just get to use up some of that material I have been storing for a rainy day!



Kind of like being frugal, well thats what I keep telling myself.

I have already started with the  completion of my first 2 blocks, It was decided that we would use the Easter break to get them both  done, but I had a hankering to get mine done earlier this week.

So  begins another adventure.

Block Number 1:  Sarah’s choice

Sarahs choice

Block Number 2:  Memory

memory block

Eventually we will have 9 blocks in total………Easy peasy.

Oh and I’ve fallen in Love with Macramé….


Who would have thought it…..


Feels like our Sunny Autumn days are all but numbered here,  seems to get cooler with each passing day, guess it wont be too much longer before I’ll be moaning about how cold it is.

I have had some changes to my work place, the shop was sold & so I now have a new boss, I must admit I was a little bit wary of what would happen to me but it turns out that things may just be Ok. The new owner is a lovely lady who has great plan’s to turn the shop into a place of comfort/friendship and learning and wants me to be a big part of that, so I’m feeling pretty good and excited about what the future holds……


Time for me to go and double check that everything is in order for my visitors tomorrow,

Hope everyone’s Easter is filled with all things good and Yummy….

And to those family members that won’t be with me this Easter…….

I’m loving & missing you all in one xox

Easter Rabbit

stay safe


8 thoughts on “Batten down the hatches…

  1. Hope the Easter fun as started, such a lovely time of year and great to be spending it with family. Be good if you do get to finish the second sock, that one does look lonely and one more would mean you could actually wear them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I know!!! Like how nutso are we to sign up for yet another quilt project??? Bloody nuts, I’d say.
    Nuts, with nuts added.

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