Feels like a buzzy good time to catch up


Each and everyday I say to myself, today I will  blog….

I then turn the lap top on,

I’ll just check my emails, 

Face book, just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

Joy, when i discover something new and interesting that I really need to try.


Blog moment has passed yet again….

But it seems I have surpassed all obstacles to stop on by for an Update of sorts.


Great sporting moment

Daniel team win the cricket final Yet again, 3rd year running………

And what began as a cold foggy morning,

foggy cricket 

Turned into a picture perfect day.


Dan got scored himself a wicket.


                                 Congratulations boy’s for a job well done..

cricket team 2011 

Miss Shannon’s Dance Troupe at tried out at school for the school Dance spectacular….

“Keep your fingers crossed for them”.

Might mean a trip to the big city for us, and another Adventure.



We had a little day trip a few weeks back to a little gold mining town not far from where we Live..

On this particular day the town was having a re enactment of the Revolt of the Gold Miners against the Law establishment.




Sometime the old and New co exists……….at least for a day.

gold miners for a day

  Of course we had to purchase our Gold License to be able to wander the street’s.



Then we joined in on  the re-enactment of the Goldminer’s Miner’s  revolt.


Mr wonderful                                               

                              Of course Mr Wonderful watched at a safe distance.


goody Jars 

And what I couldn’t do with these 2 old jar’s filled with old broken plates & keys, that I discovered at the Old Sofala Gaol.

Well worth a look.

Only disappointing part of the day was that I had pulled the battery out of my “Good” camera and had forgotten to put it back in before we left. I did have plans capture some old cemetery shots but my “Bag” camera  went flat……….

Can you imagine me without my camera…….  Torture!.

On the bright side we plan to go another day, Camera & Battery intact.




crochet Balls

I may be addicted to……..


Rustic Romance 

Oragami ButterflyOragami

To just about anything……745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small


Some very important people in my life played their first game of Tag…


Jake and Kiera

                                 “Wish Grandma had been there to watch”.



                                              And what was in that box???


Some very “Green inspired” Jewellery..

woven seed bead earrings








stay safe 






3 thoughts on “Feels like a buzzy good time to catch up

  1. No wonder you haven’t had time to blog, too busy having fun which is as it should be. I agree I don’t know where the times goes though I know I spend a lot of time daydreaming on other peoples sites imagining I’m going to make lots of interesting things. Never happens but dreaming is good.

  2. I know Jenny, I wish we had an extra few hours in each day, there’s so much to do and learn….I think i spend a lot of time searching for that next project.. I love to dream, it keeps us going X

  3. I find that I spend a lot of time on emails and reading blogs too! Especially when I should be doing other things… like laundry and cleaning! Thank you for sharing some lovely moments in this post.
    – Andrea

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