A small thankyou gift….box


I decided that today Id like to share with you a tutorial on how to make a little Gift box.

Gift Box

And it just so happens that tomorrow is my friend Jennifer’s Birthday lunch, and I need a little box to put her gift in , so I thought that this might a perfect time to share with you a cool little crafty idea and show you how to make a gift box using a Card………

Step 1: Gathering supplies



We will need a card “Duh”, pencil & ruler, scissors and double side sticky tape.

“I purchased my little card from Dave’s discounts a local discount store and I picked a card with no wording inside. Mind you a card with a little verse inside would be nice as well, this would also be a perfect way to use some of those birthday/ xmas  cards we can’t seem to throw away.”

Step 2:  The cutting


Gift Box

We need to cut our card in half, so we have a top and a bottom. On our bottom piece “which would have been our back” we need to take a smidge off the top & side, 1/8 inch will do nicely….

Gift Box

We only do this to the bottom piece so that the top will fit snugly .

Kinda like two peas in pod.

Step 3:  The measuring, cutting and folding.

Using our pencil and ruler, I measured  & marked a  3/4 inch line  on all edges of both pieces.

Gift Box

Then I ran my scissors (without cutting) down each line, that scores the lines and make’s it easier to fold .

Now on the short edge we make our cuts. Use photo as a cutting guide.

Gift Box

In all you should only have 4 cuts on each piece. After cutting our corner’s we then fold along our lines..

                                               Excited yet………I know I was!


Step 4:  The finishing touches.

I then need to cut a little piece of double sided sticky for the 4 corners on each .

Gift Box

Gift Box


At this point, the box should come together very nicely.


Gift box

Gift Box

gift box

Step 5: Place the special gift inside.

gift box gift Box


I can’t show you what’s inside just yet, I don’t want to spoil the surprise…..

But I promise I’ll share on my next visit. 745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small

And  before I disappear, remember my cute as a button bead from my last post……….

cute as a button

Well It’s now a ring…

Blissful ring

Go & check out what everyone else did with their beautiful little bead’s…





stay safe








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One thought on “A small thankyou gift….box

  1. There’s no doubt about it Tracey ,you are amazing and so talented, if i was only a smidgen like you i would be so proud.xxxx

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