Flowering delight’s


Another week bites the dust,

I guess it will be Christmas again before we know it,

Note to myself , perhaps I should start the Christmas  shopping now before the rush.

Nah, can’t be bothered , after all there’s 302 days to go….

Flowering delights…….

It all began on Monday, when the crafties got to together to errrr, Eat, craft.

My initial plan was to work on an embroidery I had started days, month’s ok, perhaps years ago….crinolean lady

But I had a yearning to make some more silk flowers……

Like this one https://beadywitch.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/saturnflower.jpg

So into my sturdy basket (which i found out wasn’t quite as sturdy as I thought, when the bottom started to come apart)I packed all my bits and pieces to make “flowers”, & the above embroidery just in case……….

cake and craft

See that sweet little pink flower “hiding” behind that very scrumptious cake “made By Jennifer” , It is there , behind the ice cream,  that’s what i made at craft, and that was to be the beginning of  my week of ice-cream Flower obsession….

Flowers took over my thoughts…………


I even dreamt about making Roses…..

fabric roses

I’m addicted, & I’ve even discovered a site that shows you how to make Paper roses..

I can see music sheet rose earring’s….

Oooohhhhhhh  I need more days in my week better still a weekend when I don’t have to leave the house.

& imagine my glee when the postman delivered a package containing the cutest little bead…..

lampwork bead

As cute as a Button….

This very special flower  bead has come by way of Heather


On her blog she had a little challenge about making a ring using one of her tiny handmade bead. 

I couldn’t type my name down quick enough,

I am totally in awe of her & her beads, she is just so gifted & I can’t help but fall in love with each and every bead she makes..

I WANT NEED them all….

Take a look I dare you not to drool!

Anyhow back to my very precious bead, it is destined to be turned into a ring that I will wear with pride, time permitting this weekend.

My own little piece of Bliss.

Oh and speaking of ring’s, I made a couple through the week,

Green flower



Yep…flower rings..

And this one I love…

 Flowering ring

back view

Can’t guess I love flowers! & Dragonfly’s & Beads.

As for the up & coming weekend,  I have a very special Hens party to attend, where I shall be “helping” a group of 16 ladies make a special beaded necklace.

I think it will be fun, “think” as in HOPE.

In my last post “Gone fishing” I held a giveaway.

Well yesterday it was posted it on its way to Kim…


Hope she like’s it as much as I did…..

Ok, now I’m off to plan the next  flowering escapade……….




stay safe







Sending Love, thoughts and prayers  to all those affected by the Christchurch Earthquake in Nz…..xox



2 thoughts on “Flowering delight’s

  1. I saw your ring on Heather’s Ring Challenge. I love the simplicity of it. You made it look so elegant by using the black wire. Do you have a Facebook page? Would love to keep in contact.
    Once again, BEAUTIFUL job on the ring!

  2. Thankyou Christy, I loved all the rings so much and Our styles were very much similair, loved them. The beads are just beautiful…..and I love rings!
    Have visited your Fb Page…..

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