Gone fishing…………..


Gone fishing……….

Gone fishing

Well not really me, I find fishing rather boring, unless of course I have a nice comfy spot under a shady tree & a good book to keep me occupied, plenty of ice cold drink and the very much needed aero guard, oh and my trusty camera, of course.

Nah!  I think I’ll leave the fishing to the Boys…….

Life has pretty much been “full steam Ahead”.for us all.

We, including Mr Wonderful made our trip to the country to see the Loved ones.


                                    Someone was needed to take the photo.

                               We celebrated  Master Mason very 1st Birthday..

Birthday Boy

                                       And witness the very first hair cut,


Then on our return we had a very special visit from Master Kurt who stayed for a whole week, without Mom….

swing high 

Then before we knew it the holidays were done and dusted, my little visitor had gone home and  it was time for Mr Wonderful to go back to work & the kids to return to school for 2011.


If you check out this post you can see how much Dan has become slightly taller than his sister.

We’ve also had some momentous steps along the way, such as someone’s boyfriend getting his license.              




And our Princess Shannon who from this day forth shall  be known as Princess Chicken, got a Job  at a local Chicken takeaway …..

He he he

This is the girl who swore she would never work at KfC or McDonalds.

Red Rooster 

Perhaps maybe now I can retrieve some of my makeup……….

Last weekend the loved country ones came to us for a flying visit, it was so nice to have them all here, minus a couple of little people, like Miss Kiera who decided it was too far to come to see Grandma, sob sob!

I Miss them soooo much and I agree Miss Kiera it is too far away.

Ok so I think I am pretty much caught up with what’s been happening in my little world, as you can see all’s good.

Craft wise I’ve been busy doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that, mostly to do with beads but I’ve been  yearning to start  a Hexagon quilt, of course that’s just in the thinking about it stage.

bits and bobs

And I’ve also had a little milestone of my own,

I started a Fan page on Facebook,

aka Beadywitch Dezigns


and the other day I received my 100th fan, quite chuffed really and to celebrate

I have a very special Bookmark to give away.

Bookmark give away 745%20butterfly%20silhouette_small

Exhale……………..I am back.


Oh and the fishermen did happen to snaggle themselves a fish or two.


And I caught a Bee…..

 The bee and the weed



stay safe










3 thoughts on “Gone fishing…………..

  1. Ewghhh No, it was carp and they are not eatable, I dont think. I think they may be classed as the rat of the waterway’s….
    I think might have used this fella as Yabbie bait 🙂

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