Happy New Year……


I know,

I’m a little late in the wishing you a Happy  New Year, but better late than never I always say, or perhaps that was someone else who said that but regardless I think it ok for me to borrow.

                   I guess  it’s a bit late to share with you our trip to the beach, 

at the beach

                             I’m the one fully dressed with that Hat………..Duh


                        It was such a perfect couple of days,  a much needed get away,


                           I think even Mr .W. enjoyed the few day’s away.

                                      Even though he hates the beach!

And it was so nice spending New Years eve with Mom and dad at my brother’s.


                                            Ok,  that was sooo last year……..

                                              Our very first Day of 2011,

                                                   was spent in the car,

Trip home

                                            Leaving the Ocean behind us,

                                   Making our way through the Mountains

                                                   To a place called


                                                        BUT WAIT …………….

We did kind of have an adventure of sorts when I decided that a photo of the Blue mountain’s was needed.

                                             Rule number 1

Resist the urge to pull over at a designated  “picnic area/ lookout” turn off , beware its not quite as simple as parking and admiring the views…….

First you must trek down a dirt track for aprox 1km ( yeh right)…..

long track ahead

                                                How hard could that be?

                                           Rule Number 2

Don’t go trekking down dirt tracks in the middle of the bush, without proper shoes/clothes….

Inappropate clothing for bushwalking

                                           Rule Number 3

                                  Dont leave the waterbottles in the car.

We gave it a good go and after about “what felt like about 5km” it was decided enough was enough….

Blue Mountains

I can only image how stunning it would have looked if we had have continued on to the lookout part,

but the track had taken a very steep descent and that would have meant a very steep ascent to get back to the car.

It has been decided that when we feel the urge for a day journey we plan to come back and do this properly…..

Shoes/clothes/Hat’s/sunscreen/backpack full of energising treats and plenty H2O.

I managed to capture a glimpse of some  Blue mountains flowers…

native garden

Thank goodness we didn’t capture a glimpse of any snakes or Yowies ( Yowie is the term for an unidentified hominid reputed to lurk in the Australian wilderness). believe me I was keeping a lookout…..

I’m happy to report we did make it safely back to the car and to our final destination

Home Sweet Home.

Since then life has been very quiet,  well quiet in the fact that we have been real homebody’s.

I’ve discovered how to make flower’s without using a flame.

silk flower

Id bought an 0ld dress from the OP shop “last year” ..


Last week I finally sat down and salvaged all the crystals from the Yoke

I ended up with so many little crystal briolette and the little jug is over half full with glass seed beads.

silk flower

smaller flower

                        “flowers, flowers and perhaps more flower’s”.

 Messy Board                                                                                                                                             The Notice Board’s been cleaned

ready for year ahead Board

                                       I’m ready for whatever  lays ahead


                                          Here’s my wish to us all,

                       lets hope it a happy year filled with all things good,

                                          Lots of New adventure’s

                                         Filled with plenty of Smiles.

  Am looking forward to our trip away very soon to see the ones I love and Miss!




stay safe









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