Christmas Day 2010……


Christmas 2010

My Christmas day begun quite early, 

In fact much earlier that I had anticipated,

I figured that after staying up late to attend to “Santa Duties”,

( Santa did need me to prepare a space under the Christmas Tree),

I figured a sleep in would defiantly  be on the cards,

after all don’t teenage children sleep in these day’s???



                                                        Dan is awake.


                                                             6.05 AM

                                              Waiting for Shannon to wake.



                                              Shannon’s awake, kind of.

I'm awake

                                                      And so it begins,

                                                 Christmas Day 2010.

                                                             The joy!



presents                                    Mr wonderful "Santa"

                                                  Why Santa, for me???

                                                         The Drama!

                                        Getting the present to co-operate.

                                                                                           little elves

                                                           The smiles      

                  Being able to Skype to my kids who couldn’t make it home this year.

 Christmas Skype                                            “Cindy, Jake and Miss Kiera”

christnas skype                                       “Jamie, Simone , Bailey and Mason”.

Of course I would have much rather had them home  but at least I got to see the smile’s on all their faces whist hearing all about what Mr Santa Caluse  brought them & the  plans for the day ahead….

In a few weeks we will be making the journey to visit, I think even Mr Wonderful is making the trip with us this year as well.

(Not that he’s  committed  just yet but hasn’t said No when I brought it up)

And I am getting a very special visit on tuesday from My grandson Kurt and his little brother Christan.

                                                  Millie Mooka’s Gift

Xmas gift                                                  The Squeaky chook.

                                                          The Table

The table

                                                           The feast

  the feast

                                                The rest

grandma aka Mom

                                             The Desert

 Shannon's pavlova

                                   Made special by our very own sweet fairy !


                                              Enjoyed by all.

                                                            The rest

grandma Aka Mom


                              The Family Christmas Day Photo Session

family Day photo's                                                    “Click on the photo”

                                                 The Official Portrait

                                                       Christmas Day


 Merry Xmas 

“I hope everyone had the very happiest of day’s, I know my day was filled with love and smiles, and even though I couldn’t get to spend it with everyone I love, everyone was in my heart and my Thought’s”


 The end                                        

                                               The End.


 stay safe 



4 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2010……

  1. Was a great day filled with warmth and love….and that dessert…yumeeeeeeeeeeee..well done Shannon….and thank you Tracey, was a wonderful day…love you…xxx

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