It’s beginning to look a bit like……….


Naked Xmas tree 


My Christmas tree is Naked……………

I cannot believe that in less than a week, the Big Man in Red will be coming down our Chimney,

Ok perhap’s not,  considering we don’t have a chimney,

you get my drift……

I’m pretty sure I spotted him down town only the other day…..

Santa is in town

Could it be????

If only Shannon had known she could have put her order in  (& saved me some money).

Dan survived his first year of high school, Yay! & somehow managed to get considerably taller, I think he’s got me covered….

Shannon and Dan made us very proud with their academic achievements  both receiving awards for different subjects……

My kids 

Another good thing about getting close to the end of the year is to see the kids perform in their chosen out of school activitys, that has kept them busy all year through.

For Dan it was a play with his Drama group…..


I think it was loosely based on a teacher as school, and some fellow students….

And finally I got to watch Shannon dance…….

Dance girl

I couldn’t help but cry, you know when u dont really get a choice…

& so did her “Mr Wonderful” father, but shh I didn’t tell you that.

Craft wise  I discovered the best tutorial on how to cover a styraphome ball to make it look like its quilted….


I have totally fallen in love with the Idea of making something so plain look so cool….

Thankyou so much Angie

Thank goodness there are such talented lady’s who like to share their creativity.

I enjoyed making this ball so much that I made a couple for the “crafty girls” Xmas swap.

(Lucky Sue was the xmas ball recipent)

The crafty's

I was also part of the Australian beading forums xmas swap this year and I showed you the goodies I received in my last post, well in this post I’ll show you what I made for my Xmas Buddy , and guess what I was hers.

Anyhow after reading her likes and dislike I decided that a book cover  that fits an A4 art book would be my gift…

Just the place to jot down those creative thought’s.





And I’m happy to report that she loved it…


So I’m thinking that I am ready  for that Red man In the suit to come calling.

The presents have been bought, the food list has been sorted mind you  this year  there will be no little sweeties here to make my day extra special, but I know that in a few weeks I’ll get to see them all……

It will be like getting that very special Xmas gift,

Something to look forward to…

And I think I’ll still put the milk and cookie out for Santa, regardless after all he does need all the energy he can muster so that he can get to Jake, Kiera, Kurt, Christian, Bailey and Master Mason, and Of course Ebony and Mitchell ( my niece and  Nephew)…………


And ALL the good little boys and girls around the world..

Including 2 big kids living here at home, after all they have been pretty good this year.

Perhaps I’d better leave a whole packet of cookies out for him, looks like he’s going to be busy…

And guess what???xmas tree 

The Christmas tree has  found its Christmas spirit…….

Begining to look like xmas


“Christmas! The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given–when Christmas Day comes there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes." 

Joan Winmill Brown, American author and editor.



My wish to you is that you enjoy the special day with your loved ones, hold them dear, eat, be Merry and look forward to the New year ahead….



stay safe








2 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a bit like……….

  1. Geez you guys got some gorgeous kids – proving once again that 2 negatives do indeed make a positive.

    Can’t believe how grown up Dan is looking. It’s all happening too fast for me.

    Your Christmas tree looks lovely with all it’s clothes on. Ours is full of every decoration that was in the box.

    Merry Christmas all y’all.

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