Sunny Day’s



It’s very quiet here in my household.

Mr Wonderful has taken himself off to work,

the sweeties are rugged up tight in their very own sleep bubble and I am  feeling quite sad as I watch the news……

My thoughts and prayers go to the families in Nz….

Today my post is all about Love and Family and perhaps a bead or two! Same pretty much the same as usual, doesn’t it ?

We finally took our Journey to see My Grandson Kurt, usually its taken on close to Kurt’s birthday  but this year it had to be delayed due to my Operation. 

It was really great to finally be able to make the trip….

I can’t believe how quickly little ones grow, especially when your not close by to see…


A cricket match was played until a little fella disrupted the game. 

And it just happen to be McHappy Day so while Grand pop was inside tousling with the crowds, ordering our lunch, Kurt and I got to play on the Fire engine truck………

It was such a nice day and I’m so glad we got to see Emma and the kids. She is doing such a great Job with her Boys..

family shot

Our family shot with the boys 2010………but hang on, someone is missing???????

Where is the princess, Miss Shannon???

beach girl

“ Here I am”………Pfft!

She was on a holiday with a friend from school, to the beach no less, Lucky girl!

Creative wise I have been busy making :

Some very special little boxes..

From this:


To this:

 Vintage Box

I’ve begun The “vintage Box” Journey ……………

All because of a special open house day that Mom and I will be attending and we get to sell some of our wares.

Sunny Ridge

The House is being opened up to the public at  $5.00 are car,  they are also trying to give it a “market feel” to the day, so there will various tables to peruse!

They plan to have a Live Band, vintage cars and  games for the kids and plenty more, sounds like a great day out in the country.

I am quite excited about the opportunity to sell my wares but to also have a sticky beak into a very old homestead……..I just love old places .

I wonder will I spot a ghost or two there??

Its just not My “Vintage Box’s”,

I have also  been busy  making some Hat Pins,

Hat Pins

And I really love the cute little daisy earrings that I put together last night.

Sweet Daisy 

I think I’ll be making some more of these and perhaps even a pair for myself!

I also made had my very first attempt at the  DQ organised by the Australian Bead Forum.

You purchase a kit of pre organised beads and Create…..

This is my offerings………

Dragon heart

Dragon heart

Dragonheart IMG_6926

There was so many beautiful entry’s, and it certainly helps to see how everyone can use the similar Beads to create totally different pieces….

I had plenty of Beads left over from my creation so I decided to use the leftovers to make myself a bracelet, combining the left over bits and bobs and some special Beads that Simone (DIL)  bought for me to cheer me up a while back.


You’ll be happy to know Simone I wear this quite a bit.

Mr Wonderful celebrated his birthday on the weekend……..

Birthday Boy

Why he doesn’t look a day over 21 Errr 31 ummmm 41,  and what did he get, a BBQ he found that had $50.00 knocked off because of having no bolts ( which he ended up getting, anyhow)

Happy Birthday Mr Wonderful,


I’ve remembered another reason I love this time  of the year so much,



OMG I nearly forget to share with you my special little parcel that I received in the mail last week…….


I entered a “give away’ blog …


And Guess What..


I won this Beautiful necklace, a Rose Cameo beautifully encased in crystals & Seed beads.

Thankyou so much Amanda, tis a beautiful thing…x

stay safe


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