Looks like a storm is brewing….


Looks like a storm is brewing,

stormy night

Thankfully its only the weather I’m talking about.

storm clouds

This is what it looked like just a few short hours ago, after having the most perfect of weather days. There was a little bit of Huff and Puff and some rain but it seems like it’s all over and done with, for now at least.

Today was a “crafty” girls birthday, Miss Tania. For her gift this year I used a photo of a bee that I had taken ages ago and turned into a “piece of Art”.

Bee art

Or course I made a “a Rose art” a few months back, with the great hope of making some to sell, Ok so I do a lot of thinking before I take Action ( mind you I do have a few frames with their undercoat on).

That’s me!

I’ve also been thinking about Xmas as well considering its not that far away….


where did that year go?

Anyhow I figure its time for the Xmas decorations to come into Play……

Xmas star

And once again the Xmas star begins to shine.

I’m thinking a Xmas Bauble could be on the cards as well.

Now even though it wasn’t my birthday today I still managed to get spoilt by having dinner cooked for me by the special cooking fairy……….



Miss Shannon wanted to try on her Master Chef Hat . The Menu for tonight was Chicken carbonara and a slice of Garlic Bread…..


Thumbs Up


That looks like a thumb’s up from the food critic and if you can impress him your doing pretty good.

Guess who did the washing up……….yep the COOKING FAIRY!

She cleaned as she cooked,  didn’t get that from me I can tell you!

I want the cooking fairy EVERYNIGHT! (stomping up and down on the spot)

I wonder if I can Bribe ask her to cook something tomorrow night as well.

Maybe she was being nice to me because I let her have a few friends stay over on Saturday night for a Slumber Party.


From behind closed door we heard plenty of laughing, talking Singing

(I desperately wanted to join in )

Then it was popcorn and scary movies time.


I remember the days of the slumber Party.

With my next door neighbour & best friend Cathy, singing into the handle of a hair Brush to the tunes of Abba, and we had all the moves.

Fun time’s.

Anyhow back to Shannon, all I can say is what a nice bunch of girls they are and they can all come back again.

As  long as I can hang out as well.

Maybe I can teach them an Abba song or two!



Finally I got to pick a flower or two from my very own garden.

My flowers

My flowers

I love this time of the year.




stay safe









One thought on “Looks like a storm is brewing….

  1. Hi Tracey 🙂 I just saw your note on my blog – I emailed you about an hour ago to the email address you gave me on your entry re what happens next – if you don’t have it, can you please email me? amanda at pallinadesigns dotcom 🙂 I’m just worried that your email address is incorrect…


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