What’s all the “Ruckus” about?


I am happy to  report that finally I am recovery form the surgery ,which was well over 2 week ago .  I am feeling so much better , actually come to think of it  I think I just may be appreciating everything I have just that little bit more.


My Operation was to remove a Benign Tumour from my Face, which is not really an easy task for me to fathom but the Drs seemed to know what they are doing.(Thank God).

They sliced down the front of my ear and partially my neck, and then they pulled back the skin on my face to remove the tumour.

Thank Goodness one is given Heavy duties drugs for such occasions.


But that was then and this is today and Its so amazing how the scar is all but healed and to be honest unless you know what has happened you would never guess.


Mind you I do still have some healing to go, my eye doesn’t quite shut properly and I cant move my eyebrow up or down, important things to me but quite trivial in the things that matter  but the Dr  has assured  me that with time it will heal..

All that left now is to get back to what’s important and that’s living life to it’s fullest.

I’m off to the Dr’s on Friday for final result’s of the tumour but I’m feeling pretty confident that it’s all going to be Ok..




Ok so that’s the Yucky bit over and done with and now we can continue on with the Happy moments, like our “little” visitor we had last Saturday.

Mr Wonderful woke to the sounds of howling outside our window and upon further investigation he came to tell me there was a HUGE big dog hanging around the back gate.

I’m thinking he was doing his best to wooo our Miss Milly Dog. Who in actual fact was sitting in the furthest corner of the back Yard, as far away as she could possible get…

Anyway,  we soon made ourselves a friend..

Lost Dog

Notice how Mr Wonderful is Behind the fence………

At first we thought the pooch was trying to tell us something important, Kind of of like Lassie and Mr Wonderful was sure he wanted him to follow, (well you hear about how clever dogs can be) But it soon became apparent that Pooch just wanted to play….

Come Hither

So Mr Wonderful game him a drink while I called our local Pound.



  Thankfully our “little” friend was Micro chipped and his owner was found very quickly, and it turned out that he was a neighbour who escaped from his dwellings 2 houses down…



Master “RUKUS”!

Never a dog more aptly named.   He certainly caused a bit of “ruckus” in the few short hours in which we was involved in his world , Miss Milly was very much relieved that she didn’t have to make his acquaintance  in person, and is quite happy to converse over the neighbouring fences.



Cricket season has begun…….





Craft wise things have been a little bit slow for the past couple of week but I’m happy to report the  creative Mojo is  starting to kick back in……….

Before my Operation I managed to finish off a necklace using bits and pieces of a Plate that Mr Wonderful had cut for me…..



Soldered necklace


Tomorrow this necklace will be going down to Oz art,  Robyn rang me yesterday to tell me I had sold a few more pieces, Yay!

And after my Operation I had  a hankering to make a cross……….






I’m quite chuffed with my Cross because I made it all from my very own mind……….

Its great when the creative juices kick in, and even  though  it didn’t quite match the vision that I had in my thought’s but  I was still pretty happy none the less..

Now I need to jot it down so I don’t forget how I made it.

I’ve already been asked to make one  as a Xmas gift.




Finally before I leave, my friend Jennifer and I went and visited some of the local gardens that were part of a Spring Spectacular..

And that’s exactly what it was, SPECTACULAR….

Some of the Beautiful Homes and gardens were Just awe inspiring and so very “Drool worthy”, Ruckus would have been right at home in the old drool factor.

I do plan to share photo’s but I’ve ran out of time  “some sort of housework must be done before the crew arrive home” but for today I will share with you are very special moment at one of the very stately homes we visited.

The Peacock……….



Shaking his Tail feather’s……….


In all his Glory……



What a treat .

Of course I did take soooo many photo’s,  550 to be exact so maybe next time I will share with you some of my gardens photo’s that I took.



stay safe









2 thoughts on “What’s all the “Ruckus” about?

  1. So sorry to hear about your surgery, it doesn’t looks very comfortable but you seem to be healing well and getting on with life, good for you. Beautiful dog I bet that his owners were delighted to have him back.

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