Guess what!


Guess what!!


We got Snow, 

It’s Spring time and we get snow,  

we didn’t get ANY snow at all in Winter (much to my dismay).

And Ok ,

even though we did get snow, it still didn’t settle, not enough anyhow for any beautiful Wintery shots that I have been dreaming of…


We got Snow!

I think I was more thrilled than the kids at the sight of  the snow flakes, Snow  reminds  me of when I grew up in a little town where winter snow was a regular occurrence.

As a child

“I have fond memories of going out to the forestry after a snow fall, searching for pines cones to put on the fire, and loving the tranquillity of the snow covered forest”.

Wish I had been a camera buff back then.

This is Mt Panorama, taken by my friend Jen, who ventured out.

Mt Panorama 

Last weekend they were racing car’s around this Mount.





Sunday was visit “Grandma and Grandpop” day to partake in a Yummy Baked Dinner,

Lunch @ grandma's

And of course DESERT


Which consisted of Grandma’s delish trifle and Granpop’s special Mix Ice-cream.

And DAN’S chocolate Cake.

chocoate cake

After Lunch we went for a wander through grandma’s secret Garden….

Secret Garden

Join us for a stroll……

secret Garden  secret Garden

secret garden

secret garden Dads Birdhouse

Even the neighbour’s stopped on by to see what was going on.


And then it was time to say Goodbye……..

chocolate cake thief

With chocolate cake was firmly tucked under someone’s arm……


Ummm Shannon I’m pretty sure Brodie can put on his own boots!

Oh, and introducing Brodie, The Boyfriend.

Oh,  and I stopped on by the Mandurama General store  to check on wether I had sold anything and Yes I had………Yay!



And I can’t believe how quick Our Aussie Post is,

My little parcel that I sent on Friday to my cousin actually arrived today!


Now that was quick….

Ps. I’m happy to report that she loves it.  Yay.

It’s a nice feeling to make someone smile.




Ok so by this stage your probably asking when will this post ever end , but i do have to share what I did today,

The crafty’s had a craft Day at Jen’s

And Guess what!      

I crafted,

Yoo HooMe and "The Quilt" And Ate……..

Jen's Marsbar cheesecake


Ok so Now I’m finished…..





stay safe









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