What’s Mr Wonderful up to now…….?

 Mr wonderful


What is Mr wonderful up to with his “bargain”  Vac Blower………..

Maybe  he’s cleaning the back yard up of all those leaves that seem to drop from the neighbour’s tree’s that hang over the back fence,  he detests them so much but I rather like them.

Or perhaps he’s using it for doing a quick  “sweep up” of our  messy Back Veranda…………?

What could he be up too…………?


Kids at


Kids at play

Mr wonderful aka Grand pop,

I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what its meant for,

But hey who cares,

they all certainly seem to be enjoying themselves…….


kids at play

                   Not quite sure what was on Penny Poppet’s agenda though.

Pennt Poppet

                    Foe or Friend but regardless she certainly made a game of it.

Cindy and the Kids came to stay for the holidays.  We enjoyed 2 whole weeks of No school, No work and pure Lazy relaxing day’s….


Day in the park                                                                                                                                                                                    A visit to our Local duck Pond..


duck pond

                         Where we had plenty of OOO’s and Awwwww ’s,

                                                 Ok mainly from me.

Miss Kiera

I did have a dejavu moment,  this time though  I was in search of the perfect quilting thimble and needle’s to work on “that” quilt..

That Quilt

                                    We enjoyed scones with Omar and Opar

afternoon Tea                                                 

                                                 Played a game or two. …………….

game playing

                   And Miss Kiera even got to go shopping with Omar and Opah.


                                I wonder who the boss was in that little trio ………….?

quiet monent

                                     I think there was a quiet moment.

                                                      Didn’t last long.

A few scary Movie’s were watched,  even Dan staying up to watch, first time ever but he did have protection of his Doona from all those demons but who needs a scary movie when some family  member’s are just down right Scaree.


                                You  got to love them, after all family is family.

                           I just don’t know where they get there Kookiness from!



As usual I took hundreds of photo’s and I wish i could  share them all.

It’s always a happy time when my kids come home to visit, and I’m lucky that they appreciate coming home as much as I appreciate having them here.

Shannon and Daniel are under strict orders that they are never allowed to leave home ,EVER!.


And as usual the dreaded “time to go home”day arrived way to quick, (doesn’t it always). and Grandma, Shannon and Dan “for about 5 mins” once again put on the Sad Hat…

Mind you its worth it all Just to see them….

kisss and cuddles 

Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it’s one day further from the last time you saw each other, it’s one day closer to the next time you will. ~Author Unknown




Now  a warning,.

Mr Wonderful has been Bargain Hunting again,

And I am scared…………..

Mr Wonderful

The $60.00 Off the clearance rack Chainsaw, and yes it does work….




Now every afternoon after work the sound of a chainsaw wafts through the air, I bet the neighbours appreciate us…….NOT!

But in some sort of weird way I do find it quite Cute.

And I made a promise to that tree that no harm would come her after the “Incident”..





And today belongs to a very special Boy…….

Happy 6th Birthday to Master Kurt…

Birthday Boy

I bet your excited and I will be soon when we come to deliver your birthday present in person….

We Love you lots……Untitled-TrueColor-03……Mwa




Now I’m off to “play” with these little pendant’s that I soldered  on the weekend.


Three of them come from a little plate that I found at the Op shop, and the other is a piece of glass that I bought from the Leadlight shop……..

They will be back!


stay safe










2 thoughts on “What’s Mr Wonderful up to now…….?

  1. *sigh* Lovely.

    Thanks for that – I needed my little fix.

    RUN TREE RUN!!! Cracked me up. It sounds like Patrick prunes like Joe does. 3 seasons worth in 1.

    Now, I’m back to sorting the sewing room so I can find ‘the quilt’.

  2. Awww I just love your blog Trace I feel like Ive been there too I wish we had this modern technology when we were growing up Missed so much me thinks Mwaaa

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