My little visitor ….



Last week I had a very special visitor, Master Kurt, my second oldest grandson came to spend the night with his grandma, Me.

I hadn’t seen Kurt for such a long time and I was so amazed at how much that little man had grown up,  we didn’t have a great deal of time to catch up with so I wanted to make what time we did have memorable.

We went to the Movies, his pick.

At the movie's


He chose “The last of the Air Bender’s”, and even though I was a but dubious, I did actually enjoy the movie. Good one for the kids in the holidays.

The Last Airbender Poster

After the movie we made a quick stop in search for the perfect material to make a Bunting  for My bedroom……….

material shop

Not once was there a complaint and he even helped me look for some material. 

After not finding what I was looking for it was off home to wait for Grand pop and Uncle Dan to come home………..

And to have a play with Iron man, a late xmas gift from Omar and Opah.

iron man returnsLook Behind you

“Look behind You Kurt Miester”…………….


This is not the first Iron Man visitor we’ve had the pleasure to play with……..

Iron man was here  about this time last year amusing Kurt’s Dad. (Sadly Kurt doesn’t live with his dad, but Kurt’s mom has always let us be a part of his life.)

So its Kind of cool for me to have memories of them both enjoying Iron man, two different worlds somehow connecting.

Back to my little visitor now…

After having a game with aunt Gert….


Grandpop and Uncle Dan came home……

grandpop's home

And of course grand pop couldn’t resist, after all he is just a little boy at heart..

And then surprise surprise it wasn’t  Uncle Dans wii skills that Kurt wanted to play with, it was the Lego……

leggo mana

That made a really nice change,

I can’t remember the last time Dan played with the Lego, now day’s It’s all about the computer and of course the Wii . ( I’m pretty sure he even liked it)

We dined on a Favourite meal  of Kurt’s……………..PIZZA.


After tea it was pretty much time with Uncle Dan and yes the Wii did eventually come into it, or course!

The next day we had to take Aunt Gert to the dr’s.,

At the dr's

Thankfully she is fine and just had that dreaded flu.

I got the camera out….duh


And then it was time for Mom……..

Mom's Home

                  I somehow think someone was very happy to see his mom.

                                     And I was very sad to see him go.

goodbye cuddles


But we will get to see him very soon as his birthday is in a couple of weeks and we will make the trip to see him and deliver his birthday present in person.

What a great little fella he’s turning into..

Love you lots Kurt……

Thanks for making Grandma smile..


No craft was made during this time, just precious memories!



stay safe







What is Mr wonderful up to with that  Vac Blower now??????

Mr wonderful

Next time…….



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One thought on “My little visitor ….

  1. What a happy time you had with Kurt, I can understand how sad you were to say goodbye. Family always comes first but hope you are managing a bit of crafting to fill the space your little one left.

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