My busy weekend..


What a very Busy weekend……

Full of Mowing lawns and school projects and  taking photo’s of a couple of finished jewellery pieces,  just so that I can show you tonight.

First though, I promised that the next time I was here

I would share with you my Apple head Witch.

Please don’t be scared, she’s not the prettiest witch of all and she is very very old.


Apple Head witch

Apple head witch

I think maybe her apple Head has seen a few years too many…

Then there was my sock that I wasn’t even going to start until my friend happened to give me a pattern that she had found on the internet and thought that maybe I would like…….


knitted lacy sock 

I did and I think I much rather this style to the plain one’s, can’t promise though that this sock will get a mate until next winter.

I just hope I don’t forget the extra bit’s I added to the pattern.

This has been taking up my every spare minute.

The quilt.

The quilt

I think in an earlier post I said  that I planned  to have this finished within the year,

HA not likely,

I think I’ll go for the end of next year,  after all there are so  many tiny squares for me to sew, then I shall reassess my progress.

but who knows once I start I find it very hard to pull away…

Jewellery wise I have been trying to finish off some long ignored projects.

I even used a wire beaded ball that was actually a mistake that I had made about 12mths ago, also i used  a couple of beads made from various beads mainly seed beads, and a few special beads that have been hiding amongst my bead stash.

wire bead

seedbead Ball

Beaded bead 

Put them altogether and I came up with a very Summery Necklace…….

summer Necklace

I’ve also made a couple of pairs of earrings..


woven earrings

Each woven using tiny little seed beads.

And for fun I had a go using Shrinky Plastic to make these cute little Owl’s.

shrinky plastic

So as you can see I have been a “little bit” preoccupied…

And the “beading tray” still has more  projects to be finished and started.

beading tray

Enough about me…….

My daughter did her first “paid” job in the Bead shop on Saturday..

hard day at work 

As I had a Birthday Party to Host, her job was to look after the shop.


The Party went really well.

I’m pretty sure they all enjoyed themselves,

I was very Proud of Shan,  she did a very good Job. I guess it won’t be to long before she’s in a “real” job.

I really believe she will be an asset to anyone who employs her.

Luckily that was Saturday , because on Sunday,  the lounge became her best friend, that and One tree Hill.

lounge day Dreaded Flu……..

And the Boy, well he kept us pretty Busy for at least 1/2 of our beautiful Sunny Sunday, working on  a School project that was due TOMMORROW.

He had to come up with a model to do with renewable Energy, something he feels very passionate “ as we all should” about.

After much researching a “Wind turbine” model was decided upon….

I thought I was being very clever by getting Mr wonderful involved therefore leaving me free to do whatever I wanted…

boys at play

I don’t think we needed the heavy artillery brought out………

So to cut a long tedious story short, after a few yelling matches and the battle of the wit’s, the Wind turbine model became to be, after scrimmaging around we used a pair of My knitting needles, some cogs from a old meccano set, then we made the blades from an old milk carton and some bits and bob’s from Mr wonderful’s shed…….

So we also learnt how to recycle!!

Dan gave his model a paint


And tomorrow it goes to school.

wind turbine

I’m thinking that pretty much cover’s the weekend activity’s and more.

Did I mention it was a beautiful Sunny day, hope it stays that was for a bit but I think i heard someone mention rain…..

Craft day tomorrow, I’m planning on a bit of embroidery…….

Yet another Adventure begins….



stay safe








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