Tania's Garden


I am such a bad blogger, i know. I am full of good intentions, and every night i plan to sit down at the computer but I always seem to get lost, Like a little child i get easily distracted and  then the Sun sets at the end of the day and the my  “blogging moment” disappears.

Luckily i have plenty of photo’s to remind me of my day’s that I want to tell you about.

Like the day the “crafty’ girls got together and I showed  them the art of flower making…….

 crafty friends

candles and flowers 

I’m pretty sure the” crafty’s” were quite impressed with their very own Rose…

completed flowers

                   I was pretty impressed with our afternoon art in itself.

Sue's Pavlova

                              Then there was the day that we had Surprise visitors……..

                                                     Can u Guess who??

Master Mason

                                                        Master mason


                                           and of course his entourage

                             We spent a lovely sunny afternoon at our local Dam,


                                                 while the boys explored

 exploring exploring

                       and Mr wonderful stayed behind to cook our Lunch


                                               I just took in the view

the view                      

                          And you know i can’t leave it be without the family shot,


                                               notice anyone missing???

                            Master Mason was having an afternoon cat nap.

                                        Thanks’ guys for coming to visit.

                                                Love you all so much.                             



I also  wanted to show you  a doorstop doll that I made a few years ago for a friend’s Birthday  (Back in my cloth doll making era).  Every time I see her at Jen’s “a fellow crafty’” house,  I’m so amazed at how good she looks, so I figured I would show her to you.


cloth doll


Kind of inspires me to dash out to my “craft” flat and make another. I quite enjoy sewing the dolls. I’ll have to show my Apple witch doll, though she is looking a bit worse for wear these days, a bit like me I think.

I’ve have also been very busy creating, knitting and quilting, and working a day or two ……..

Next time  I promise to share photo’s of what I’ve been creating of late…….

Some owls, seed beaded balls and a very lacy sock…

And I’ll blow the cobwebs of that witch of mine and take her portrait.


                     For now though its a “Yawn” goodnight to you all……….



 stay safe










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