Off with the Birds..



tree of life 

                               It’s coming, the promise of warmer days,

                                      Spring is knocking on our door.

With it comes  beautiful sunny days when being outside is a pleasure, and the garden springs into action , At least I hope……….

And speaking of flowers,

English countryside pendant

Remember My English country side pendant that I made for the Australian beading forum, well I’m happy to report that after a very close race i won the vote………….


Plus i got a little badge for my forum signature, Funny how the littlest things can make you smile.

And I’ve been to the little shop at Lucknow to add more “flower’s” to the stash.


                                   What to do with all those perty flowers.


                                                 Now speaking of Birds.

           I have been busy playing with wire to create some very cute Bird Nest’s.

                                                First came the Bird Nest:

Bird Nest

                                               Then came the necklace:


                                     And Now “taa Daa” comes the earring’s:


      And Mr wonderful Hubby then made me something I’ve been wanting forever

Mr wonderful

                                                      A Bird House,

                                            When a nest just wont do…

Bird House





                                                    Cindy and Jamie                                  

                                          I want to say to each of you
                                         I Love You with my whole heart
                                         I’ll Love You beyond this lifetime
                                            And my love will never stop.




stay safe








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