Flower Abundance..


This week has been a week of flower’s for me………



Starting the week off helping a friend’s friend make up some Roses in Aid of a Breast Cancer fundraiser to be held in October.


material rose


Of course I also thought it would be a good opportunity, whilst lending a helping Hand, to learn how to make the roses myself,something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile..

material rose 

Sometime’s it ok to watch somebody else do it…..


While enjoying a cuppa in the prettiest cup.


Only 200 more to go!!!


Of course I had to come home and finally  have a go myself using the material I had purchased a few days/week’s ago.


So Taaa Daaaa……….

My roses

My first Material Rose….. 

I have some pretty pearl’s just perfect to go with my rose,

I have a necklace in mind,

so there’s more to this rose than meets the eye………



And  OF COURSE I had to “rush” to our local craft shop to purchase more “rose” supplies’.




Next “flower” of the week is a pendant……….


I am a member of the Australian Beading forum and once a week they choose a theme, you then have the opportunity to use your imagination to interpret what that theme means to you.

This week’s theme was  ‘ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE’..

English countryside

Of course Flower’s sprung to my mind…..

You know how much I love flower’s.

Anyhow first i encase the focal bead in seed Beads and then I tried to imagine myself lost in an English Garden in the country.


flower pendant


I totally enjoyed the experience. Sort of how I imagined my cottage garden “ I wish” to look.


“Now for news that hasn’t really anything to do with flower’s.

Dan attended his first Disco……

We voted in the elections, but still don’t know who our prime minister will be..

Shannon’s  boyfriend came off a “Bull” and broke several ribs OUCH…..”



My first Blossom photo,

Give’s me hope that warmer days are coming.





stay safe







2 thoughts on “Flower Abundance..

  1. Cor blimey, another eventful week but I’m glad you had some beautiful flowery crafting to keep you occupied. I think the roses you made are gorgeous and that little silver swallow is perfect for your English Countryside. Have a good week, I hope your election gets sorted eventually, ours took a while too.

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