Day By Day………………



YOO HOO anyone miss me?????

I’ve been missing in action what feels like forever even though I did pop my head on occasion &  played around with the theme of my Blog, all because I came across a site known as

It’s here that I found some cute little buttons for the side Bars, and then of course I decided to search for a new theme, something slightly prettier than the one I already had, to match the prettiness of the side widget’s…..and i do Love Pink.

Ok so that some of what’s been keeping me Busy.

LIFE, Its been full of all sorts of different Ups and Downs,

Of Sadness and  Tears,

And worry.

But this post is about my past month……

Of Smiles:Master Mason

When we all, “hubby, grandma and Grand pop  included”  made the 5hrs trip for Master Mason’s Naming Day.

Naming day Gang

A day that was full of love and Happiness, Joy and Surprises for Daniel when he found out he was one of the Godparent’s along with Shannon.

God father     God Father            

                   We forget to warn him but he took the job on quite Proudly

                              And of course Shannon will win another heart!

God Mother

                                           Good Job Simone and Jamie.

Jamie and simone 

                                     It was so worth every second of the Trip.


                                                          as always

                                                  The Journey Home.

Trip Home

                                               Is never a Happy trip .



                      Even with an awesome rainbow to brighten the Journey 🙂





                                        Creatively I’ve been very busy,

                I managed to make Simone’s Country Bunting before the trip.




             I made a very special pearl necklace for a Lady from my class.


                                  Using just a photo from a magazine.

                              I attempted my very first Bird nest Pendant

Birds Nest

  And I’m totally “wrapped” with the  Funky Wire earring’s that I made today,

wire earrings

                                                            At work.

                           And someone else has been very creative as well.

                                                     Can you guess???

                                                    Who it could it be,

                                                       Miss Shannon


                                        With her bag, she made at school.


               You wouldn’t believe how much of my “stuff” I can fit in there..


                                       I think I’ll be putting an order in.

“Did you notice,  another pair of sock’s has been started, I needed a diversion for our trip. Bit like a James Bond Movie, Never say Never!”

                             I had a trip the the Dentist, Yadda, yadda yadda,

                                       And I have to go back next week 😦

                                   We’ve had lots of freezing cold days,

       Except for last Sunday when I actually ventured out into the garden,

weeding day

                                      For the much needed “annual” clean up

Job well done

                            Plus Bonus, I rediscovered My weather Vane….

weather Vane

                                     I had wondered what had become of it.


                                     Still no sign of any snow, here anyhow 😦


                             So you see I have been slightly preoccupied,

                                          I guess Life’s a bit like that,

                                          Tomorrow is another day,

                                           I wonder what it brings….

                                      Nothing but Good thing’s I pray

Speaking of Praying while we was away Grandma managed to get 3 Of                 the “good children” to go to Church with her.

church goer's

                                                   Footy socks and all

My girl

                                                        That’s my girl!


Hope your weekend’s a happy one.



stay safe








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5 thoughts on “Day By Day………………

  1. thats beautiful i was waiting to see the cake lol that everyone loved so much i have an order for a disc of photo’s of the naming day as i have none but when your ready of course oh and we have been checking the blog to waiting and waiting lol then it was updated again love all

  2. Mmmmm yes that cake was something special alright, lol.
    And i will get onto that disc this week…
    It was a great weekend and I’ll try not to stay away so long….

  3. ok when your ready when ever you find time to drag yourself away from your beading and photo shop lol i loved it i love family i just wish there was more special things we could all celebrate together

  4. Hi Tracey.
    I love your blog. Haven’t checked it out in a while and was fun catching up on everything here. By the way i ADORE your quilt!!!!

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