At about this time 27yrs ago,

                                I would have been sitting in a hospital bed,


                         By the most the most amazing little person I had ever met.

5 days old

                                                  My First born.

                                       My whole reason for breathing.


                     Now it seems like only yesterday that I held you in my arms…….

                                             Only a moment ago


                     27 years later you still fill my heart with Joy, Love and Pride.

My beautiful daughter 

                                     Thankyou for being who you are

                                              For making me smile

                         For Loving me not only as a mother but as a friend

                                    Don’t ever change who you are.                                


                              Happy Birthday my beautiful Cindy-Anne














7 thoughts on “Memories……..

  1. Tracey that is the most beautiful memory you could ever have, and that little girl certainly grew up to be a credit to you, your both the best…Luv you.xx

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