Today was one of those winter day’s,  the sun was sending down its warming rays & the sky was such a pretty blue,  a day you just had to spare a moment or two outside to enjoy the fresh air……….



                   My weekend was spent doing the rounds of the Garage Sales.

                                        I discovered these 2 old Jugs.


            I  think they will fit right in with my other treasure’s on “the shelf”.

"the shelf"

                     And I was totally wrapped to find this bundle of old cutlery…….


                                              Maybe a chime or two……


Oh no!   “My mom say’s, you cant do that”,  and then politely confiscates two of the table spoons and hints for her spoon chime that she hasn’t been given yet,lol.

I guess  the cutlery will find a home out in my craft flat with the rest of  the “Spoon Gunna become Chimes and or jewelery” box,

Sometimes when you go drapsing around people’s Yards you see  the craziest things, like maybe this witch that just happened  to be hanging around…………..


But she wasn’t for sale.

Much to the relief of Hubby

Of course I didn’t walk away empty handed,

Nuh uh not me….

A box of assorted cotton, Just what’s needed……for the “ummm” cotton draw!



As you can see it’s usually all about what I find,  so I thought Id share with you one of my Hubby’s latest Bargain’s, “The Blower”.

Now even though I am not really too excited about this particular item I do see the value……..

Here we have the Handy Mans dream, a shed just before our  local tip  where one man’s Junk become’s another man’s treasure, before it hits the Rubbish Tip.

The Junktion….


It is here that DH came across  “the blower”, a few days back, lying amongst the rubble, Obviously it had been tested by many hands as the starter cord had just about been pulled clean out of its casing, to me it looked like a useless piece of Junk, but to my DH it was a symbol of Hope……………….

And so after purchasing it for $5.00 it was put in the back of the Ute & taken to its new home in the Back shed.

I didn’t see DH for a few days,

He became a little bit like a  Dr Frankenstein reviving the monster,


Thankfully his faith in being able to resurrect the “blower”  was well founded, and now it Purr’s like a Kitten and starts perfectly every time.

“Usually every afternoon after work”

The Dr and his Monstor

I’m so lucky to have a clever Man that does actually know a bargain when he see’s it. And knows how to tinker things back to life….

Did I mention he’s picked up a new/second Hand Kitchen sink.

Before I go, remember I showed you my knitted purse that I was working on???

knitted Purse

Finally another Item on the  to finish/make is marked off the List…………






Tomorrow is the last day of freedom before the kids return to school, so I’ll be busy making sure everything is in order.


And this coming Friday the last of my baby’s becomes a Teenager  Heart













One thought on “Treasure’s…….

  1. the spoons are polished up and are once more bright and shiny and are waiting to be put to ‘good use’…thank you daughter…were there only 2 tablespoons???…He..He..

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