What Day is it?


When I woke this morning I layed  in bed and thought about what day it actually was.

Was it Wednesday or Thursday,

and if it is Thursday then where did Wednesday go???

Ok I think i lost Wednesday working on this:

Knitted Hat

A Hat for a friend of mine’s Mom who has to go to Hospital at the end of the month to have a melanoma removed from the top of her head.

Now this is the first time I had attempted a Knitted hat so Tuesday I had a practise run with some Black wool I found in the bottom of the “wool” basket.

So while watching Little Dorrett  that I had recorded from previous days I sat and Knitted.

I wish hat’s suited me, Id be happy to  wear one everyday and then I wouldn’t have to worry about bad hair day’s, ever again.

                                So who could wear this black Hat??                                          

                                           Maybe Dan might wear it……….

Black Hat                                              Ok, well maybe not……..

                                                  What about DH ????

Dad and the cat

                                   Ummmmm, Ok Defiantly  not, hehehehe.

That leaves only one person to try on the dreaded Black hat, sounds a bit like Cinderella doesn’t it,  (All time favourite fairy tale of mine  growing up as a child).                    

Who will wear the Magical Black hat?????

 Princess Yep The Princess wins Hands down , just like in the fairytales……………………



The house has been some what quiet this past week, Cindy and the kids went home last Friday and since then the days just seem to blur into each other.

We really didn’t do a great deal, just enjoyed the simple things……………

                                             A  Day at the Local Park…….

day at the park 

                                             Yummy   Pumpkin Scones

pumpkin scones

                                         Spending time with Grand pop..

Penny and Grandpop

                           And trying very hard to be friends with Miss Shannon

penny and Aunty shannon

            Being here to see Aunty Shannon and Uncle Dan get merit awards

school Merit awards         

                                     And just  Being Plum Tuckered out

Plum tuckered out

                           We ventured to Abercrombie house for the “Night Tour”….

Abercrombie House

I have  been here a couple of times over the years but never at night…..

Ghost Busters 

                                 Everyone was rugged up and ready to go…………….

                                    First down to the eerie old gates:

The Gates

                                     Then inside for some ghost stories…………….

Ghost stories 

                               And trust me to find some creepy old toys.

creepy Doll

                       And to finish off , A cup of hot chocolate to warm us up.

hot chocolate

                                     Oh and did I tell you we found a Ghost???

The real ghost of Abercrombie



And you know that old wedding dress that I found what seems like an eternity ago now, well i finally found the spot that i think will be perfect for, Dress/Shannon and a photo session.

Old Gates

I spoke to the owner and he said when i was ready to come and take photos  I could ring him and he would open the gates  for me, OOooOooooooooo. Yay! so i guess I’ll be taking him  up on that offer in a few weeks…..



Time to put on my  “get Motivated Hat” and see what the day brings………………













3 thoughts on “What Day is it?

  1. I’m just the same, wake up wondering what day it is and what I need to do, but then I think if you are happy and doing the things you like what does it matter if life is a bit of a blur. Sounds like you are having fun and you’re right, the princess looks great in the hat.

    • Im agreeing with you Jenny, School starts back next week so the routine will set back in soon enough…Princess looks good in everything she puts on, lol

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