Better Late than never???


I haven’t disappeared, just been a little bit lazy, with the blog.

Life in the real world has taken over, well maybe I’ll just stick to the little bit lazy, but here I am now to fill you in on some snippet’s of my world.

First a sock Update……….

Both pairs of socks were finally finished & posted away…………..

Sock Packages

Received just in time for the cold cold COLD Winter nights, which we have in abundance at the moment.


And I know I said NO MORE SOCKS and I did have intentions of putting the sock needles away for awhile but I had an urge that i couldn’t resist and so the sock journey continued…………

Baby socksbaby socks









I was trying to think of something a little bit different to give to a friend who recently had a baby.

I noticed the left over wool that I had,

combined with  the massive drop in temp, I thought how cool and warm the sock would be to warm the precious little toes of her baby.

Then of course thought how maybe they would sell , mmmmmmm Its a thought but for NOW, I really am putting those Sock needles away.

knitted bead purse

Mind you, I’m not entirely finished with the knitting just yet……………

A UFO that needs finishing.

Besides this and that I’ve also been busy beading as usual.

After falling in love with a necklace that was shared on the beading forum that I am a member of,  I searched high and low for the seed bead pattern  and after some relentless searching and the goodness of  talented crafter’s out there who don’t mind to share,  I finally found a pattern, Yay, and so my bracelet became a reality………

Netted Bracelet 

            It’s such an easy technique to learn and sews up reasonable quick.

button clasp

And I really love the Button I used for the clasp, purchased after making a Mad Dash to Hobby Sew ( A local craft shop).

I’m in the process of “whipping” up another one in blue………..

Besides my bracelet I’ve also had a bit of a dabble at Bead crochet, not my first attempt but its been awhile.

bead crochet tassel

bead crochet tassel

My Bead crochet Tassel,  I made if for the purpose of going on the end of a key,or to be hung over a door knob…..

Now for some really exciting news……..

On the Sunday just passed we made a 3hr Journey so that I could finally get to watch my oldest girl Cindy play Footy, actually its called League Tag.

league Tag

                               They didn’t win, but she played the best!!

                                                         Of course.

And Jamie, Simone, Bailey and Baby Mason made the trip over as well.  

That just made my day even better, and even though it was for only a few hours it was so good to see everyone.

Its amazing how things can change,  My son Jamie has given up the smokes and I am so Proud of him.

Keep up the good work!

And more exciting news……………………

Cindy, Jake and Miss Kiera were going to come next week for the school holidays but instead followed us home so that we could have an extra week with them.

So If you don’t hear from me its because I am enjoying the precious time that I have, and we all know how quick the time seems to go and oh of course I’ll be taking lots and lots of Photo’s…………………….








And Warm………



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