What? another Birthday parcel!

  This special package was posted on Tuesday,

Birthday Parcel

                               Arriving just in time for a little girl’s birthday.

                                                 My granddaughter

                                         Miss Kiera who turned 5 today !

 miss KieraMiss Kiera

Miss Kiera

                                              Looks like Grandma Did Ok .

I was also requested to make a special necklace for Miss Kiera, and it was lucky that I had been saving some very special beads, waiting for just the right occasion and of course  this was it.

kieras necklace

                        And I’m very happy to report that Miss Kiera loved it.


                                          Happy Birthday Miss Kiera

                                                We love you lots.

            Have lots of fun at your Birthday party tomorrow and have a lolly for me!

Birthday Cake

                                                Great cake Mom iiiii


And before i go I like to wish a Happy Birthday to my nephew who turned 10 yesterday.

“Happy Birthday Mitchell”











Thank you Australia Post for  getting my parcel’s safely to their destination’s.



One thought on “What? another Birthday parcel!

  1. hi this is for kiera,

    hi kiera happy 5th b’day hope u got alot of presents we love u all.

    kiss kiss hug hug

    to cindy i like those pictures of u playing oz tag it was wonderful i’d like to come and watch it someday.

    all our love trudy,paul,mitchy and ebbs xoxox

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