How to dress up an otherwise drab Memo board tutorial.

Messy Memo Board

Ok,  this is my first attempt at a tutorial.

I thought Id share with you how I dressed up my rather messy and drab looking memo board…………….

It is there, HONEST!!

First thing to do is to remove all the “crud” so that we can find the board.


                          See… I told you it was there lurking underneath!


Next I use a piece of wadding (you can buy this at most craft shop’s, I was lucky enough to have some left over from “The quilt” )  cut to the size of my board.

Glue to the board, I used Spray Adhesive.

After the wadding has been secured with the glue, we head outside in the fresh air (glue should be done outside as well as i learnt) to continue the next part of our project.

This is when the  stapling gun comes into action…..

staple gun

Thank goodness my stapling gun comes with its very own handler.

staple Master

Lets go stapling……….


First we will cover our Memo Board with the chosen material……


Staple one edge first, so that we can pull it nice and tight to the other side placing staples all along the edge.


We did side to side then top to bottom, main thing though is to remember to pull the material tight before placing the staples in.

side view

front view


Next we attach the ribbon:

Tip  take the time to measure across the board so that the ribbon will be evenly spaced, we are placing the ribbon both Vertically and Horizontally..


             Starting from the back side of the board fold edge of ribbon over.

fold edge                                                     

                                                       And Staple…..

staple ribbon

                                Preferably the ribbon and not your finger!

                                            Don’t forget to a pull tight.

                                    Once you have your ribbon in place,


                           It’s time to add some tack’s where the ribbon cross.


             And that’s just about it but  to stand back and admire the your Handiwork.

                                 (or the master of the stapler’s handiwork)


Now last thing to do is to place the new and improved memo board back where it belongs…………….

Back where it belongs

And fill it up…………….


Nice and neat……….

I wonder how long it will stay this tidy ????????????


Miss Shannon has already requested one be  made for her bedroom so that she can use it to put all her photo’s on…..

Hey Mr Stapler Man, you ready to go again?  By the way, thankyou for your help.











The staple Gun that we used was attached to an air compressor but you can buy a staple gun on its own at a reasonable price at your local Hardware store, a really handy item to own in your DYO tool box.


4 thoughts on “How to dress up an otherwise drab Memo board tutorial.

    • Lol, Looks a bit that way doesnt it, I couldnt be trusted to even touch the staple Gun, lol.
      We love you tooo

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