Its in the Mail………

Tomorrow is a very special day.

My grandson Bailey is turning  4.

Thankfully I made the dash to the Post office earlier in the week and posted his parcel.

 Birthday Parcel

I must remember to ring him early,  before the excitement gets too much,

you know when nothing beats the present’s 

and grandma is just a voice on the phone.

And speaking of excitement,

remember the trip to the city,

well I’m happy to report that my photo did actually make  the Add for Canon.


This is the photo that they took on that day and it is on the Canon site, amongst some pretty spectacular photo’s,  I feel very humble.

This is the link, go take a peek and see if you can find me…………

The trick is to click on the arrow on the right hand side of the screen and keep a watchful eye.

It’s all pretty exciting and it’s inspired me to get the camera out get clicking,  taking a few different shots.:

red flower

                 This one is of a plant that hangs over from the neighbours fence.


This little beauty had me on my Belly in the front Yard, (trying out the different  settings on the camera) and then making me regret ever getting down there in the first place. I’m thinking maybe using this at a later time in Photoshop, for some creativeness.

frost drop

               This was taken the other morning in the FREEZING cold at about 7am.

                      If you look closely you can see the house across the road.

frost drops                                

                                Same with this one, at about the same time.

                               I love Macro! It takes you into a whole new world……….


Ok this is  Nugget  Noodle, Jinx he is my friend’s Pooch, who just happened to stop on by while I was in my camera mode mood.


Ok, so now I think I’m starting to Annoy!

beak time 

Good Time for a break and gets some tips from my camera book

“Digital SLR cameras for DUMMIES”

I have no Beading creations to share with you BECAUSE at the moment  I am lost in camera world and dabbling with photo editing, well it does go hand in hand with the camera, you know!

I turned this:

 seed Into this:

all the flowers

                     And last night I retouched this Photo from forever ago…………….

dancing fairys old 

I plan to print this one for a friend who’s birthday is at the end of this month ,shhhh!

“One of the little fairy’s belong to her and the other one belongs to me”.

Now for the very important sock Update:


I can see a light at the end of the tunnel,  and I am so close to finishing, I plan to have a little break and begin to hand quilt “that” quilt………

Maybe another pair of socks later on, Never say never!

This weekend I Plan to do a little revamping of my notice Board

notice Board

It is there, can you see underneath all those messages, Thankfully no bills !

Anyhow I plan to use this material to brighten it up.


And I thought Id take you on the Journey with me.

And  I couldn’t  forget to tell you about this little Man………….

Humpty Dumpty

My grandson Kurt who came 3rd place in his very first eisteddfod  performance.

kurt award

Grandma is so very very VERY Proud, and check out the costume him and his Mom made , they did a brilliant  job, I think Mom should be very proud of herself as well.



4 thoughts on “Its in the Mail………

  1. i like the picture of kurt.

    he looks cute i’d love that picture of me doing that.

    and those pictures are amazing as always

    from ebony xoxoxoxo

  2. Jinx says you suck as an auntie and the next time he sees you he’s going to bite your ankles.

    He was reading your blog with me, and when he saw that you’d called him Noodle, well, I’ve never heard such language!!

    I gave him a little talking too, had to lie a little and tell him you had a touch of dementia. He’s setteld down now, though I think next time he comes for a visit, we’d better keep a close watch on him – I suspect he might be planning some sort of revenge.
    Poodles are sensitive like that.

  3. Ohhh Jinx can you ever forgive me, i had you confused with the other little Poodle in ur world……Its just like ur ma said Im getting a wee bit old.can you ever forgive me, next time you come to visit you can sit on the lounge “Preferable The old Mans chair”, I am so sorry 😦

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