rainy days

Oh my Goodness, Its sooooo cold tonight. 

I guess the Ice Queen is starting to wake from her slumber and is ready for tomorrow, being the first day of Winter.

I plan to rug up tight and Keep out of her  way as much as possible.

The last few day’s, 

I’ve been busy,


And I’ve come up with a craft Idea that I hope will be a way of using up all of those photo’s I take, and maybe make a few dollars.

My first Photo I decided to use was the “Rose Bud”.

Rose drop

I totally Love it…………..

It gave me a chance to use some of the “stash” that I’ve had stored up from my local Op shop Visits throughout the years…….

 Lace corner

I plan to make some more and try my luck at Narelle’s shop.

I’m actually feeling quite excited about doing this,

I seem to have been lost in Bead world for such a long time and so it feels quite good to be doing something slightly different.

I love all sorts of craft but getting the time to do it all is another thing.

Lets see how it goes,

I usually have these brilliant Ideas and jump head first into it  with loads of enthusiasm

and then I  get distracted by something else …………

Life is never boring here and sometimes i cant even keep up with myself.



Hubbie was sitting peacefully in his chair, catching up on the  weekly catalogue’s, (he loves his catalogue’s)


well that was until I asked him to see if he could cut a plate up that I had picked up from the Op shop a few days back,  I am thinking maybe a soldered Pendant!

tile cutter

                                     It was all going along so  nicely…………….



                                             The Finger got in the way,

finger cut 

             thankfully a bandaid was all that was needed with some tender loving care.


 Milly Mooka

And  after his medical attention he went straight back out to the shed to finish the Job “for his very much  appreciative wife”, under the very watchful eye of the very faithful Milly Mooka dog.


And he did a Brilliant Job.

And now there’s a new project to work on in the coming weeks………


Last night I attempted a pair of earrings from a tutorial By Corra Liew.

It started off a bit rocky, and another pair of hands would have be quite handy but i did get it in the end………….

I think!


I’m hoping that one day mine will look as good as hers (One can but dream).


Also this necklace I made a few months back was also  inspired by Corra.

Ruby Pendant

           I’m pretty sure though she doesn’t use her Hubbies socket kit to help!!

                          I drool every time I see any new creation of hers.

    Somehow I don’t think my pieces will ever have that neatness she portrays,

                                               but it’s fun trying.


                                                Now  a sock Update.


                         I’m happy to report that the purple sock’s are finished,



                              Jamie, your socks  are well and truly  underway.


                                     And look who got some new wheels.


                                        There will be no stopping him now.


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6 thoughts on “Ramblings…

  1. love it i love the photo thing i need somthing nice to hang in my toilet lol there is a empty hook but i just havent found the right thing to hang there might have to go check out the good old reject shop

  2. i will leavi it up to you i trust your instinct and it to hard to say cause everything you do is just to good

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