My Saturday……….

This Saturday started off pretty relaxing.


No work!

The household shopping over and done with by 8am!

(Thanks to the best hubbie in the World)

And Breakfast was being cooked for us by Shannon,

(who was out of bed by 9am).

cooking breakfast

Shannon has to cook scramble Eggs in Food tech this week at schoo as a testl and we were needed to taste her practise  breakfast……..

And Taste we did!


Well Done Shannon,

I think you will pass that test with flying colours….

The best scrambled Eggs EVER!

scrambled eggs 

Looking forward to the next test that you have.

Ok, so now with breakfast over and done with……….

It was decided “at about 10am” that we would go and check out some Garage Sale’s.

Garage Sale

We are not ur typical get up at 5.30 am,

“Rain, Hail or shine” 

garage sale shopper’s , 

We figure if its meant to be ours it will still be there, waiting for us too arrive.

Anyhow the morning started off quite slow,

No hidden treasure’s to be found.

And then after about our 6th Garage Sale It came down to 2 choices, one on either side of town……….

The choice was made………………….

Funny how making that choice would change the course of my afternoon,

My relaxing Saturday afternoon creating that i had planned,

Instead keeping me very busy until 10pm that night…………….

Patrick and I discovered a piece of Furniture each at that last garage sale chosen.

Yep !!!

I fell in love with my choice,

And he fell in love with his,

And to be honest they were both at such a good price ($ 50.00ea) 

We just couldn’t leave either of them behind….


Patrick’s sideboard  was to go in the Dining room,

It was the easy room to do and it only took about 1 hour to rearrange.

My Piece of furniture was to make its new home in the front room,

Known to all as  “THE BEADING ROOM”……….


Just a slight indication of what was ahead of me…………….


First thing was too move all this and more to a safe place,

So that the new addition to the household could be brought in

And be placed in its new position.

Then came the tedious job of putting everything back in its new place!

Along the way I rediscovered beads that were bought for certain projects,

They went into the MUST DO draw…..

I Also discovered that YES, 

I do have a MAJOR  addiction to anything Bead related and I shouldn’t need to buy another bead until the year2020!!!!

Ok,  so i make this oath that i will learn to Be frugal and purchase only when NEEDED!

He he he he

FINALLY, finally at  about 10pm that night I stood back and admired the “new tidier Bead room” with my Roll top desk.

roll top desk 

It’s amazing how much I fitted into this desk, and it still looks so tidy!

Beading corner

Well until you look inside, but hey I can pull that top back down ANYTIME!!

Saturday night I slept like a baby,

Dreaming about all the new projects that i rediscovered and a few new ones to begin……

Thank goodness Sunday was a day of relaxing

And with a special visit from

Grandma and Grand pop.

The day couldn’t have been more relaxing.




The purple sock’s solder on…………











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