The Little Black flower.

 Country View As i drove the kids to school this morning ,

I couldn’t help but stop and take a photo of the view,

Mind you it was after i dropped the kids off,

No time before hand,

Especially with Dan in the back seat,

Can’t be late for school !!!

Anyhow that scene put me in the mood for a relaxing kind of day.

First though i had a couple of things on the Agenda, like rush to spotlight to purchase some wool to knit MORE SOCK’S! 

More socks wool

I think I must be MAD, but the wool was 1/2 price so i just couldn’t resist, and now my oldest Boy Jamie would like a pair as well, Winter is here for a few months, and the socks just seem to be the perfect winter craft, for me!


The next thing on today’s agenda was to drop off a couple of necklace’s to Susan @ the Bead shop.

All Saint’s school is holding an exhibition this weekend and asked us if we would like to put some of our Jewellery in, with the option to sell……..

I’m  pretty excited as I’ve had a couple of “special” pieces sitting at home just waiting for that right moment.

Maybe this is it..

My first piece is called Autumn flowers.

Autumn Flower

Autumn Flower

It’s been sitting around for a few weeks now, just needed to be finished off……….

Now my next piece started way back Here.

And I shared with you a glimpse in my last post.

So Taa Daa:

Black knitted flower

My Black Flower necklace.


knitted flower

Patrick and the kids think its very Gothic,  Patrick even thinks its slightly evil, lol!

But i Love it……..

And I’ve already got an order to make one for  Susan @ the Bead shop!

I’m also putting in these little Seed Bead Ball earrings that I made.

Seed Bead earrings

There is a story about how these little treasures happen to be.

I am a member of the Australian forum , and on one particular visit i noticed that one of the ladies had made these awesome beaded crosses.

She sent me the pattern and finally last week i decided to give it a go.

Well i read the pattern several times,

turned it this way and that,

pulled a few hairs out

and i think gained a few greys ( which reminds me Hair Dye on the shopping list),

finally I got it sorted out in my mind, and made one section…….

but i as i was working away my mind envisioned a beautiful pair of earrings,

so after restyling with some Peyote stitch they became my pretty Seed Beaded Ball earrings.

“I haven’t given up on that cross just yet, but now that I know what I’m doing I’m going to have to go “bead shopping” for just the right bead’s to do it Justice.”

That’s an adventure for another time.

So we will see what happens on the weekend at the exhibition,

Finger’s crossed that no one else thinks my Black Flower is evil………………


And Cindy,

Chin Up my girl,

everything will be just fine,

I love you lot’s.

And I’ve nearly finished “A” purple  sock!!!!


And by the way,

My  mini cheesecake’s were Delish!



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