Let the creative juices flow……………….

On Sunday,

Thanks to my  Dad,

I had the opportunity to put some of my Jewellery in the corner shop,  where Mom and Dad live…………



So for the past few night’s I had been very, very  busy, in my little beading world…

I don’t think I’ve been this inspired for quite awhile and i really did enjoy myself.

I made earrings using some of my “rainy day” stash of beads.


My favourite’s were these pretty little pink flower’s…………….

flower earrings

Another great way of using up the bead stash is with bracelets, and these are so easy to make and I love the way each and every one  turn out……….

wire bracelet

purple wire

And I Really REALLY love this  green Bracelet,


(And it just so happens that i have enough bead’s to make myself one!) 

I also had a few other pieces that i had already made,

that had been sitting in the Bead shop since forever, maybe here they will find a home,

Finger’s crossed.

I didn’t want to take too much out there just yet as i wasn’t sure what to expect but after meeting Narelle the owner, I feet quite thrilled to be a part of her little dream.

I’m feeling quite positive about the little shop

In the middle of this

Little country town.

corner shop

Now, even though  this little corner shop may not look like much from the outside, Narelle has such great plans to turn the  shop into a place that you will want to stop and have that bite to eat, or sit with a cup of tea and admire all the crafty goods that surrounds the table’s.

craft on display

A great place to visit while on a lazy Sunday Drive in the country.………….

(Oh and By the way, you can send the bored Hubby across the road for a quick Ale, maybe meet some of the locals).


While you take your time admiring the craftiness.


My jewellery was placed in a cabinet with some of my Mom’s beautiful hand  Painted China. She does such beautiful work, and it’s great that she can get the chance to show it off …………..


I really have a good feeling about this, for both Mom and Myself  and I really do appreciate the opportunity to be a part of something that is just beginning……..



Now what’s on tomorrow’s Agenda………….


Mini Cheesecakes and crafty friends at my House!












Next time i have something special to share……………..

something special




3 thoughts on “Let the creative juices flow……………….

  1. Thank you Tracey for your little journey through “Narelle’s World” I too, hope that this is a very successful venture for her..the changes since she took over has been really good.. You can feel the welcoming ‘warmth’ in there and I don’t just mean the fire, though that definitely adds to the atmosphere. The tables with their gingham covers, the craft displays and then there is the aroma of home baked treats, who wouldn’t want to stay for a ‘Cuppa’

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