Mother’s Day………..

Mother’s day this year was pretty special as my oldest boy Jamie and his family decided that this would be the year that they would spent it with me……..

Mother's day Breakie

                        So my breakfast of Eggs and Bacon was extra special……

                                                 ( he did have help)

                                  Grandma and grandpop came in for Lunch…………………………

mother's day Lunch

                                   So Lunch was extra special as well…

          Grandma didn’t let us down either and she bought our Favourite dessert,

                                                    Yummy Trifle,

      This year she also brought in yet another contender for FAVOURITE of the year,

                                            The Chocolate Cake…………….


                                       But as you might be able to tell, 

                                      there was some sticky little fingers,

                            making off with some of the marshmallow decorations….

                               mmmmmmmm  I wonder who that could be?????

sticky fingers

                            Maybe one of my special little visitors , perhaps?????

Marshmellow thief

                                        That’s a definite, Master Bailey!

Mother's day

                                              But back  to that cake,

                         It has been voted by Dan as being the BEST CAKE ever.

                                              And we all tend to agree.

                                            Thank’s Grandma/Omah/Mom.

The rest of our Mother’s day was spent relaxing and making the most of the beautiful sunny day, and what would Mother’s day be without the great family shot……..


                          OK, so some people like the camera more than others!!


                         Ok!   so some people REALLY  do like the camera,

                                               Out of the way son,

                                                Who’s behind you…

Mom and Dad                                 


hiding form the camera

                         Some just try to hide at any possible chance they get!!


                                          You make me smile Jamie…

                                                 Mother’s day 2010

         Motehr's day 2010                                 

                                      But for one very special little man,

sleepy head

                                          It was all just too much !!!!

                                     But as all good things must end,

                                           My Son has gone home,

                                    The house seems empty and  quiet,            

                            I look forward to when i get to see you All again

                         flowers from Mom's garden

                         Hope All the Mother’s had the day that they deserved…………….


                                 And Cindy, even though you wasn’t here ,

                                            you were in  my thought’s,

                                                     Love you lot’s……..

purple socks

                                         And I’ve started your socks !!













4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day………..

  1. I agree Tracey…it was a very special Mothers Day…enjoyed by all….and thank you for my “Lipstick Maple”, it’s in the ground….love you…Mom xxx

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