A trip to the city…………..


Last Friday week i received an email from an Advertising firm who had spotted a photo that i had put online and wanted to know if i would be interested in coming to Sydney for a Photo shoot.

My first thought was to  delete the email, believing it was some sort of con to make me spend money……………

Then before I hit the delete button I decided to re-read the email…………….


They wanted to use My photo as part of a advertising campaign for Canon.


My 2nd thought was……

Did i use the Canon camera for that particular shot?

After going back through files, I found the original and PHEW, It had been taken with my canon camera.

My 3rd thought was did i really want to travel to Sydney to have my photo taken holding a King size version of my already taken photo…….

I don’t mind taking the photo’s, but to be part of a photo shoot was another thing.

At first i decided No, but then after thinking about it and discussing it with family and friends, it was decided Yes,

On this momentous occasion, I should be the one holding my photo.

And so Last Wednesday our trip to the city was made……………..

Over the Mountains

First By Road……..train station

And then By Train………


And yes my “entourage”  accompanied me on the adventure,

It defiantly felt like winter had well and truly kicked in while waiting for that train in the Mountains…….


After making our way to the photo shoot, we sat and waited until I was called in..

 made up

After I had been “touched” up, I was called in for the big Photo shoot…….

Ready set Action

But i had been called in with about 4 other people at the same time……

We had to stand with Numbers in front of us ( a little bit like criminals i felt)  so that they would know who each of us was, and then we were asked to walk across the room several time’s, while the photographer took photo’s.

I must admit i was feeling pretty damn nervous,

I had been busy practising my smiling skills,

Not my walking/acting………

I was relieved when i was asked to sit down,

(Obviously my walking/Acting  skills needed some more work!)

It wasn’t until they realised that i was in fact a “Photographer” and not one of the Actors, that i actually got to hold the frame for my very own photo shoot ( actor Free).

I picked a frame similar to the frame that I used on the website………….


And then I had my photo taken holding the  frame which would then later have my photo added to it.,

All quite painless really,

until i decided to have a quick look at the photo’s of myself that they had taken…………….


I think i will stick to being  behind the camera !!

But besides all that,  It was all pretty exciting to be part of something so different to my everyday life….

rose drop 

This is the photo that they liked……………


After we made it back to Central Train station,

the Kids enjoyed a Krispy Kreme donut treat,


Mmmmmm Donuts

While we sat and sipped a much earned cappuccino and watched the people walk on by,  while waiting for the train to take us back to the Mountains and our home sweet home…

It will always be a day to remember

 sun setting in the west



Ok so that was last week.

Today I am at Home, enjoying the company of my Son and his family who have come to visit for Mother’s day.


I am Lucky.











6 thoughts on “A trip to the city…………..

  1. Sounds like a great day. Hope they paid you for using that beautiful photo. Always use copyright so they can’t be stolen.
    Your are an awesome photographer. You should do weddings to. I am surprised Canon didn’t want to hire you

  2. How exciting, you must be really pleased you went along with this and probably pleased to be back to normality. The photos on the website are stunning, well done I’m glad you got some recognition.

    • It was definalty an adventure for us, but u r right Jenny it was so good to get home safe and sound..

  3. congratulations on such a wonderful and exciting time for you. Im so happy to see someone else has noticed how talented you are. everything you do and everything you design is always breath taking and amazing. so happy for you 🙂

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