It’s starting to feel a bit like Winter……….

Our day’s are starting to become shorter and the cold is starting to nip at our toe’s, 

But today thankfully wasn’t such a bad day.

Yes we had that Nip in the air,

Yes we had the heater on in the morning,

and yes I had to wear something slightly warmer.

And then there was that massive cloud bank,

That i just had to stop to take a photo of,

Much to the kid’s dismay,

”Mom, we will be late for school” .

Which or course we wasn’t…Pffftt.

cloud cover 

Still it’s all a bit Brrrrrrrrrr…………


I have been knitting Madly, still on Youngest son’s sock………….

I had to pull half of it apart as I noticed a hole, Oh about 4inches Back…………….


This is why I don’t class myself as a knitter.

BUT It wont beat me and so I solder on.

That was until this afternoon when i noticed that the first sock i knitted (and did with such ease)  is slightly different to the one “It’s mate” that i am working on now !!!!!

I thought about pulling the “mate” back until I investigated a little bit more and realised that the “perfect finished sock” was the “somewhere a mistake” had been made………….


I’ve decided that if i keep knitting, (and I am so close to finishing)  that NO BODY will know the difference…………………….

knitted socks

Our body’s are  suppose to be slightly different on each side ?????

Does that work with feet as well??

Well, IT will work on these sock’s !!

Just don’t tell Dan.


Well today was spent enjoying a Chinese Meal with the “Crafty’s” minus Tania who had a very sick boy at home, and I do  hope he’s feeling a lot better by now.

Yesterday though we did enjoy a feast at her home,  and so the craft group has finally begun in earnest for the year.

After Lunch we meandered down (in the car or course , too far to walk, well not really I guess but hey ………………) to one of the best little craft shops in town.

The sort of shop you go to when you need a good dose of Homeliness and Inspiration…..

Of course I could have bought everything in the shop……

IF I WAS RICH !!!!!!

But because I’m not,  I behaved myself and just bought some much NEEDED purchases…….


home patch 

The little rustic bells ( which on further thought, I may have already purchased a pack on another visit that is sitting on a shelf SOMEWHERE in this house, shhhhh ) I thought would look great on the next “country Bunting” that I make…..

The tiny little bird house’s will make great little earrings ( and they were the last 2, meant to be mine) , and I have some tiny little bird beads I figure would be a perfect match .

And I bought the Little metal Happy birthday Tags,  well just because I liked them!

Yesterday I gave my friend Kerrie (One of the crafty’s) a suncatcher made with crystal’s from the  “Shoebox”.


crystal suncatcher


This suncatcher was made as a thankyou gift as Kerrie gave me an overlocker that she didn’t use anymore.

All I had to do was pay to have it serviced..

I’ve always wanted one but it was never high on the list of priority’s, and  Shannon is learning how to use them at school I figure she will be able to share the knowledge with me.


I have youngest son Dan waiting in the back room to show me a level he created for his Super Mario game.

He is just amazing when it comes to these computer’s and his game making , I find it fascinating and very very VERY  clever but my head starts to hurt when he starts to explain the process………..

I wonder if maybe its the age difference???????

Regardless,  he is a boy genius.

(That starts back at Drama classes as of Monday).












3 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel a bit like Winter……….

  1. I’ve just made an odd pair of socks too, for some reason the foot of one is 10 rows longer than the other, it happens to be best of us. Luckily I have enough yarn to knit another sock of each size, ending up with 2 pairs instead of 1. Looks like you are nearly finished and they do look great, be proud.

    • Thanks Jen, I feel better knowing that even you can make a mistake on ur socks…
      I know maybe i should redo one but Blagh, lol.

  2. For any of your (or your friends) projects, if needed, I have just been given a bag full of NEW 6 inch purple and maroon zippers (think the maroon was for school uniforms)

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