The Shoebox.

Yesterday, being a Saturday, and a no work, no sport, no housework sort of day,

Hubbie and I decided to do the Garage sale drive.

Nothing really grabbed my attention until the very last one……

That was when I discovered the Shoe Box…….

The Shoe box

                                       Sitting on a shelf, covered in dust………

                                            A sneak peak was had, 

                                    the shoebox was quickly paid for,

                                      while being held close to my chest…….

Inside the shoebox

                                   Can you see what’s in my shoe box ?


                                         Crystals from an old Chandelier …

crystal shapes


crystal drops


In all sorts of shape’s and size’s.


You would have thought Id come across my very own treasure chest,

Every 5 minutes i would ask the kids to come and gaze upon my wonderous Jewels,

needless to say after awhile they became very disinterested……….

Well at least for the moment………….

cleaning and polishing

                                            I spent the rest of the day,

                                               cleaning and polishing

                                                 my little treasures,


                                                 One piece at a time.

                                                 Several hours later, 

                                I sat  quietly admiring all my pretty crystals,

                                           Trying not to drool too much!



When i was younger I remember watching an Old Pollyanna movie and being enchanted by a crystal sun catcher that she had hanging in her bedroom, the way the sun hit the crystals and sent rays of colour throughout her room, pure Magic.

                                        Funny the things we remember………….


I can see a few sun catcher’s being made for some very special family member’s and with Mothers day just around the corner,

                                                 Well who knows……..

But for now a “play” was in order and with some assistance from Dan,

creating together

                         Our Crystal Garden was made with a Flower or two………

crystal flower's

                                                A fluttering Butterfly……

crystal butterfly

                                                  And  Dan’s Sun,

                                                   Shining Bright

crystal sun

                                       Our crystal Garden fit for a fairy,

fairy garden

                                              And speaking of fairy’s,

                                           In the bottom of the shoebox,

                                             Underneath all the crystal’s,

                                  I came across another very special surprise

                                                Very clearly marked.

Fairy Dust

                         I think I’ll keep this little treasure in a very special place.

                                  Just waiting for that “Fairy Dust” moment.



                 Perhaps my treasure’s once hung from a Fairy’s crystal Chandelier!











One thought on “The Shoebox.

  1. oh wow !! you are so right about being a shoe box full of treasures!!!!! they are beautiful. they are also now in the best hands to make the most wonderful things, with them to start a new life 🙂

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