Ok, what happened to yesterday……….

My visitors have been gone for well over a week now, 

and it feel’s like they were never here,

except when i need to go the fridge and I  spot the drawing that Miss Kiera drew for Grandma on her last night here.

Grandma's drawing

Complete with flowers and butterfly’s and a very spotted Grandma (I think Miss Kiera had only just noticed all the “ freckles” that grandma has), it makes my heart smile.

I really really REALLY wished we all lived so much closer so that we could spend more time together, and I mean that for all of my family.

Guess we can’t dwell on the things we cannot change, but make the most of the moment’s when we have them.

This  week I worked a couple of day’s in the shop.

A great time for me to “play” with a bead or two….

Flower pendant 

On the first day I made this Pendant, using crystals and a right Angle weave technique

I love flowers and Butterfly’s, can you tell??……..

Miss Kiera knows.

The next day, I started to make these earrings,

crystal earrings

But I had to finish them at home because I actually had to serve customer’s,

Tsch, Tsch

I guess it is a shop after all, lol.


Kids go back to school this coming week,

It feels like they have been holidays for ages now,

pity it has to end,

but i guess that just the way it has to be,

and if the truth be known they are looking forward to going back as well

( Of course they wouldn’t admit that).


Do you remember that poor little bush that DH “PRUNED” a few months back???

Well I’m so happy to report that it Thrives.

The bush

And not only has it survived but it has given me some beautiful Photo opportunity’s.

Bee Art



butterfly versus bee


So I can guarantee you I shall be keeping a watchful eye come pruning time !!!

I printed up the Bee Photo and put it in a pretty frame and gave it to a very special lady, (who I do the Markets with in November), It was her birthday and I am happy to tell you  that she loved it.


I got the idea from my friend Alyce who also printed it up for the wall in her office, I thought that was pretty awesome that she like it enough to want to do that,

Just the Bee’s Knee’s…………Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!

And last but not least I have begun the “Knitting sock” phase,

I’m thinking I should start now so that when the cold days of Winter begin, Dan will have  warm feet!

socks for Dan

Nearly a pair finished already!

And Yes, A purple pair is next on my Agenda.













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