My Country Bunting…

Finally I managed to make it out to the  “craft Flat”, where the sewing machine resides,  All ready to make my  Country Bunting…..

The Fabric was chosen………..


Triangle’s were cut


and sewn together.


The Lace and Binding was added.

sew binding


Looking Good, only 4hrs down..


Back inside the house to finish the Bunting by Hand.

And Wallah,


My finished  Country Bunting!

Dear Hubby even got out of his warm cosy bed where he was blissfully watching Football to put up a Hook so that I could see my Bunting  in all It’s glory,

“sorry getting a bit carried away”.

I am so  happy with it,  it looks great hanging across the window in the dining room, giving it  a little bit more of a “country” feel…………..

It certainly was much easier than my first thought of crocheting myself one.

Dear hubby Isn’t quite sure what all the fuss is about, “I hear him mumble on his way back to his warm cosy bed”….


But at least I have the Bunting bug out of my system……………………


Until Next time.


And on Monday, we are having 2 very special visitor’s stay for a week’s holiday, without  Mom and Dad………….


Looking forward to it……..Xx




2 thoughts on “My Country Bunting…

    • Hey Liz,

      Everybody has some creativety inside Liz, you just need to have a go, you might just be surprised at what happens, well thats certainly what happened to me..
      And now that ur kids are a bit older its much easier to try a new craft.
      I Just Love the internet for inspirations…………
      You should have a go at this bunting, superdooper easy !!! and Thank you so much Liz for your Kind words, I truly do appreicate them.


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