Begonia House.

Inside this rather dull looking Building, that sits in the middle of our Local park, is a fairy wonderland of prettiness…………….


Begonia House


So come with me, into a beautiful place of nature.

Window into fairyland


Welcome to Begonia House……………







 Begonia   begoniaIMG_8240 



Around every turn…………….

Begonia House

Begonia House

From Above………….


                                                Admired by even Dan.

Begonia House


               Or maybe checking out the trusses that also had his dad enthralled!


Father and Son


Begonia House is only open for a few months of the year,

while the flowers are in bloom

so I’d like to think that maybe the fairy’s might get together

at the very same time.












8 thoughts on “Begonia House.

  1. I’m not sure about begonias. I do admire the dedication of people who grow such impressive flowers but I find them a bit too gaudy for my own garden. Nice to see such an impressive display in such a pretty little house though.

    • They must be hard to grow, considering they are locked up tight for the majority of the year…….
      I’d love them, but id have no chance of growing them…

  2. wonderful photos as usual!!!
    i went for a walk through there a few weeks ago and i was just amazed at how beautiful they are!!!

  3. Yes Tracey, I also visited There many, many years ago and they were just as beautiful then. the begonia is truly a magnificent bloom. As usual, your photography captures the moment so well…thank you for a lovely display.

    You would have been with me and just a young girl when I saw the begonias.

    • Yes, I pretty much walked around with my mouth hanging open in Awe.
      I dont remember going through as a child, pity we didnt have a photo,lol.
      They would make nice china painting flowers, dont you think??
      Love ya

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