Smelling like Roses…………………

cake and Tea


Today was one of those day’s when all is well in my world.

I Picked a mixture of roses and flower’s from my very messy Garden.

I cooked a Banana cake and iced it with lemon icing, and it was Yum.

My daughter Cindy went for a Job interview and got the Job.


Cake and Tea anybody???




A friend of mine, Alyce  is currently away working in the Uk and today she put some photo’s on face book.

There was one photo that I just loved and Alyce has kindly let me play with……………..

To me  it reflects the  freshness of spring from the coldness of Winter…………..




Thanks  Alyce.



Congratulation’s Cindy, I am so very proud of you x











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3 thoughts on “Smelling like Roses…………………

  1. Isn’t it wonderful when things go well, though I suppose we have to have the rubbish times so we appreciate the good days so much. Any cake left I wonder.

    • Thankyou so much Miss Ebony, wouldnt it be cool to have a smellyblog and then you really could smell all the pretty flowers………
      Love you
      Aunty Tracey

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