Just a quick visit…………….

Today I made a quick visit to a special somebody who’s in hospital recovering from a hip Operation that she had last Thursday.

get well

She’s been in pain for quite awhile, so it’s a relief to us all to know that she can finally get back to living,  pain free.

She will be staying with Mom, her sister for just a little while, until she is strong enough to handle Rusty the dog, who I’m told is missing his Mummy very much.

I also managed to sneak a quick visit to an Op Shop.  I bought a Large Lace doily that I think will  make a cute curtain and a bread/scone basket.

scone basket

I was only  admiring my mom’s basket that she received for Xmas, this weekend  and i thought it was handy, so how cool was it to find one today, and I wouldn’t mind having a play at making one in some pretty fabric that I’m sure I have  stashed away in my material cupboard.

“Maybe Birthday presents”

And could I drive straight past the Bead shop  on my way Home and not stop????

No way !!!!

And could I walk out  of that bead shop out without buying ANYTHING??

Not very likely !!!!!

I tried my very best to pick each bead that i could see as a project, (to add to my ever growing project pile)

So Each and every bead i bought today has a project in mind……………………….

I can see a couple of Bracelet’s,

A necklace.

There was also meant to be a pair of earrings in  there but when i got home I had only bought 1 blue teardrop……….must remember next time i am up that way.

And the strand of coloured beads will look very nice next to some buttons, that i purchased before Xmas……………


When those project’s come to fruition is another matter………………..


Before i go  I’d like to share with you a couple of photo’s that have been sent to me of the newest family Members…………….








Stay Safe



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