Sundae on a Saturday…..

Yesterday a trip to visit our local Op shops was decided might be in order.I  managed to find a couple of nice item’s that will come in very handy,  but this by far  was my favourite find of the day,

6 glass dish’s that just oozed “chocolate Sundae’s” .

I think they are called parfait glasses……….

Sundae cup's

And so after dinner Chocolate Sundae’s just had to be made……………..

chocloate Sundae

I think I’m safe in saying everyone was very happy with mom’s purchase 🙂


Mind you, I don’t  think they will get used every night………………

But will be definitely used for very special visitors..


Also over the holiday’s i have been trying to finish up so loose ends, in the crafting department….

Like a necklace that had been sitting on my desk for the latter part of last year………………

wire necklace

The necklace is made from different gauge wire, including the chain and clasp at the back.

Yoo Hoo Finished  !!

I also finally made a pendant that id been thinking about ever since i had been inspired by a pair of earring’s that i discovered on one of my many searches for inspiration’s.

 ruby wire pendant

I also made these earrings using the same style for Simone, who’s birthday was a few days into the new Year….

wire earrings

And i just couldn’t resist making another bracelet using “Jen’s Pind” technique….

I just love it, its so easy to work once you get the hang of it.

Jen pind bracelet

And I added a cute little Owl Charm that I happen to come across at spotlight.

This was made as a special gift for someone who is starting a new chapter in her life, and even though i don’t know her terrible well I do wish her the very best in her future, now if i could just catch her before she leaves…..


at present I am working on a necklace using little crochet flowers….

crochet flower

I don’t really know how this will end up, but that’s the sort of creating I Love the best.

And those parfait dishes have come in very handy,

handy helpers

As a makeshift clothes line so my little flower’s can dry after i stiffened them……..

stiffened crochet flower

Now, I’m off to find a quiet spot and catch up on some reading, whilst my flowers dry……………………..


Stay Safe




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